15 Days Sri Lanka Tour Package


Imagine you’ve got a chance to spend your vacation or your honeymoon in somewhere people call a paradise, or heaven! Who would deny such a chance? Would you?

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean is a great place for your vacation! Here’s how you can spend two weeks in Sri Lanka with the best places to visit!

Day 01 – Anuradhapura City

Anuradhapura is the first capital in Sri Lanka according to the ancient documents. You can climb the two rocks called Mihintale and Ritigala and also you can visit the ancient twin ponds which were built in about 2,000 years ago.

Day 02 – Polonnaruwa City

Polonnaruwa is the second most iconic landmark in Sri Lanka, which is a must-visit in Sri Lanka vacation package. The palace of King Parakramabahu once was a majestic building with seven floors and today a visitor can witness the magnificence in the ruins and remains.  The royal swimming pool, his Audience Hall, and the ancient Parakrama reservoir are still seem alive even after thousands of years! 

Day 03 – Sigiriya

The single rock arising over the acres of green paddy fields is called Sigiriya which used to be the kingdom of King Kashyapa which is a must-visit destination of Sri Lankan vacation. Along with the hike you can see the mind-blowing paintings which are said to be the king’s wives. The rock is also called the “Lion’s Paw Terrace”. The visitors can also have the taste of traditional food from the local restaurants. The largest elephant gathering can also be witnessed at the nearby Minneriya National Park. 

Day 04 – Kandy

Being the cultural capital, Kandy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The temple of the tooth which protects the tooth relics of Lord Buddha is the most sacred place in this country. Although the sacred tooth relic is covered with gold and jewels, there are no armed guards to protect it. The streets are full of restaurants that serve all of the incredible flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine. The soft chanting of hymns, inspiring artifacts, people with warm gestures, and the relaxing feel of a calming evening make Kandy the best part of Sri Lankan vacations.

Day 05 – Nuwara-Eliya

Nuwara-Eliya is a landscape that is entirely different from the rest of your Sri Lanka vacation, so much so that it is called Little England. Featuring the European-style buildings, misty waterfalls like Laxapana, St. Clair’s, and Ramboda, plus the acres of tea estates, vegetable farms, and the famous Victoria Park have made this city one of the most iconic destinations in Sri Lanka.

Day 06 – Ella

There’s no wonder why Ella is in every Sri Lanka vacation package. Visiting the famous Nine Arch Bridge surrounded by glaucous tea fields, a swim in the natural pools of Diyaluma Falls with the feeling of the foamy water relaxing your soul and the light flurry of air as it gently kisses your cheeks while the whole journey through the town will give you memories that last forever.

Day 07 – Udawalawa

Buckle up your seat belts guys! Because you are just about to peek into the Sri Lankan wilderness and it is going to get rough and wild! Your Sri Lankan vacation wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t see the Water Buffalo, Wild boar, different species of Deer, wild Asian Elephants, and exceptional birdlife at Udawalawa National Park.

Day 08 – Yala

Did you miss the sight of the magnificent leopards during the Udawalawa safari? So welcome to Yala! In a jeep escorted by an experienced guide, and as the ride becomes adventurous, you may suddenly witness a herd of gigantic wild elephants blocks your road! The amazing peacock dance at the Yala National Park will make Yala incredible during your Sri Lanka vacation

Day 09 – Mirissa

Mirissa is the perfect destination for beach lovers in your Sri Lanka vacation. The scenery of the Indian ocean through the coconut trees, scuba diving adventures, and fishing experience in the deep sea with Sri Lankan fishermen will blow your mind while in Mirissa.

Day 10 – Sinharaja

How about waking up to the chirping of the birds and looking through the window into the woods? Interesting, isn’t it? That is why you must add Sinharaja as the destination of your vacation in Sri Lanka. You will be trekking the jungle, you’ll come across a natural water spring, and you will get the rare chance to observe the endemic animal species of Sri Lanka. 

Day 11 – Galle

Galle is a city with a mixture of feelings with a blend of contrasting locations in the list of your Sri Lankan vacation. On the southwest coast, beside the rippling sea waves, the famous Galle Fort attracts thousands of tourists each year. You can go shopping at the elegant Dutch hospital shopping precinct with a line of restaurants, boutiques, and bars to relax in.

Day 12 – Hikkaduwa

Same as Galle, Hikkaduwa is also located on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Snorkeling into the famous coral reef and the Madu river boat ride would blow your mind for sure!

Day 13 – Colombo City

A tour around Colombo is a must-included destination on your Sri Lanka vacation list. As the commercial capital, Colombo has the best restaurants and luxurious shopping complexes on the island. The famous Pettah market is a place you must visit in Colombo.

Day 14 – Kalpitiya

This indeed is a heaven for surfers and snorkelers. This is the best chance to wake up your inner surfer on the list of your Sri Lankan vacation.//It is better if we can add a package at the end of the articles in a creative manner.