3 Things Businesses Should Know About Employer Accreditation Renewal in New Zealand

3 Things Businesses Should Know About Employer Accreditation Renewal in New Zealand
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Renewal of accreditation is a crucial step for New Zealand companies looking to continue recruiting overseas talent. This process transcends mere paperwork; it also requires a broader understanding of the immigration policies governing New Zealand employers. Seeking help from Visa Aide is a good idea if you want expert advice on several aspects of visa challenges and compliance with immigration laws as a New Zealand brand. While employer accreditation renewal processing times may vary, most businesses usually apply about six months before their accreditation expires. Knowing how to renew accreditation is essential if you want to retain your existing workforce and attract top talent from overseas. 

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3 Key Facts You Should Know About Employer Accreditation Renewal in New Zealand

Before your company can support workers on accredited employer work visas (AEWV), you must be eligible for employer accreditation. The AEWV is New Zealand’s primary temporary work visa, and it forms an essential part of the country’s employer-centred initiatives that foster the availability of jobs to locals while simplifying how businesses recruit skilled migrant workers for industries dealing with massive labour shortage problems. Here are a few tips on employer accreditation renewal in Zealand to help businesses navigate the challenging landscape.

  • Know Your Employer Accreditation Expiry Date and Apply as Early as Possible

Employers are advised to apply for their accreditation renewal when their documents are approaching the expiry date. Ideally, you should consider renewable at least two to six months earlier. Your best bet to get your employer accreditation renewal is to provide all relevant supporting documents upfront, showcasing proof of your business compliance with industry regulations and settlement support for accredited employer work visas. Apart from that, it would also help if you could demonstrate that your company is a genuine and commercially viable organisation.

  • Partner with Visa Aide

Navigating your New Zealand employer accreditation renewal can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t get help from experts. The system is often complicated since it requires all employers to meet rigorous standards while prioritising compliance, efficiency, and employee welfare. Visa Aide is one reliable brand that can help you ease your stress regarding employer accreditation renewal. Their services are designed to streamline the recruitment of foreign workers to New Zealand. Over 120,000 AEWV applications were approved as of early May this year. 

  • Find Out If Your Business Requires Employer Accreditation Renewal

Verifying your NZ company employer accreditation renewal status is beneficial for businesses. So, don’t forget to think about new migrant employees you want to hire, your existing workforce, and whether they have to apply for residency through your company. If you don’t want to renew your employer accreditation, understand that an expired one doesn’t necessarily prevent your current AEWV holders from working for your brand. However, it implies that you can’t recruit new skilled workers on AEWV from overseas.

Visa Aide now has several years of experience in facilitating the recruitment of talented foreign workers in New Zealand. Engaging with the immigration specialist is a good idea if you want to benefit from the seamless integration of accreditation from a single contact point.