3 Types of Commercial Windows for Your Business

Modern skyscraper with tinted windows

Looking for commercial windows?

Commercial windows and commercial window tinting can be a difficult purchase to make. You want your windows to look great but you also need them to provide the right amount of heat control, lighting control, and safety for your business.

There are many different commercial window types to choose from, but the options vary depending on your needs.

Keep reading to learn about three commercial window types that might work well for you:

1. Aluminum Commercial Windows

If you’re searching for office window tinting near me, aluminum commercial windows are a great place to start.

These commercial window types come with protection against ultraviolet rays. They also provide superb insulation capabilities. They also allow for good air circulation inside your building by providing ventilation. It does this without allowing excess heat or moisture into the office or commercial space. 

Hinged commercial window frames like these have glass units that tilt inside the frame for easy cleaning. This is important because commercial window glass units that don’t tilt can get very dirty and are difficult to clean.

One limitation of aluminum commercial windows is that they don’t offer much noise reduction. If you need commercial window tinting to cut down on outside noise, consider other commercial window options instead.

2. Vinyl Commercial Windows

These commercial window types come with glass units that tilt in the commercial window frame for easy cleaning. They’re available in a variety of types, including screen options to protect against insects. You can also find commercial double-hung commercial windows and commercial casement commercial windows. 

Another great feature? Vinyl commercial windows offer decent noise reduction. This means you can help keep commercial spaces quiet and employees productive.

If you don’t need commercial window tinting, but want windows that block out some outside noise, vinyl commercial window types are a good option to consider.

3. Glass Commercial Windows

Glass commercial window types like these also come with units that tilt inside the frame for easy cleaning. They’re often combined with aluminum commercial window frames or wood commercial window frames.

Glass commercial windows are ideal if you want to maintain visibility inside your space or office without using tinting. Plus, commercial window glass units can come frosted for privacy purposes.

If you need window protection without tinting, commercial windows like these are a good choice to consider.

These come in all sorts of sizes and dimensions. There are even options that are best for areas susceptible to hurricanes or other scenarios with high winds. It’s best to check out commercial window-style photos for more ideas about what might work well in your office or commercial space. 

Get Started With Office Window Tinting

Now you know three options for commercial windows and tinting for your business. Use these examples to help you make the right purchase for your workplace and team. The best time to get started with office window tinting is now.

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