4 Tips for Choosing Jewelry That Will Match Any Outfit


Wearing jewelry has many benefits such as accenting your best features and showing off your personality. However, you need to match it to the rest of your outfit or it might take away from your look.

Knowing how to choose jewelry for your outfit each day isn’t always easy. Are you worried that the jewelry you’re buying doesn’t match the rest of your wardrobe?

The following Jewellery Buyers Guide will explain how to expertly choose jewelry that will match any ensemble. Read on to discover 4 of the best jewelry matching tips.

1. Style and Color

Choose simple pendants and necklaces with thin chains to complete any casual look. For a more formal look, consider metal bangles, hoop earrings, or diamond studs to set a classy vibe.

Coordinate bold pieces such as large gemstone jewelry with single-colored or basic patterned clothes. You want the jewelry piece to be the star of the show and you don’t want the overall outfit to be over the top.

2. Jewelry and Clothing Color

Try finding jewelry pieces in your favorite colors. Chances are that you already have outfits in similar colors that would match perfectly.

Precious metals and gemstones often pair well with white, black, gray, and nude clothing colors. Aqua and different light blues pair well with yellow gold, pearl, and silver jewelry pieces.  You can find the perfect collection of pearl jewelry by visiting www.adinaeden.com.

Pink and mauve-colored clothing tend to get enhanced with yellow gold and white gold pieces. Try matching clothing with deep reds to yellow gold and silver jewelry accessories.

White gold, yellow gold, and silver jewelry accent clothing with blue-green hues and pine colors. Try layering or mixing precious metals on your favorite colored clothes for a very unique and memorable look.

3. Match the Occasion

Diamonds in jewelry blend great with any color and always stand out in a crowd. Consider loose diamond bracelets for a romantic date night.

Use a chunky necklace to make a statement if the rest of your outfit is too plain for a night out Wearing bangles also looks striking when worn with a simple outfit like a white shirt and shorts.

Choose your workout jewelry wisely and make sure you can sweat in it. Consider solid gold and sterling silver pieces when you hit the gym.

Add elegant gold hoop earrings and bangle bracelets to business casual wear to give it more personality. Diamond studs work well for more formal business attire such as blazers and pencil skirts.

4. Match to Your Skin’s Undertone

Try wearing yellow gold and rose gold jewelry if your skin has a warm undertone. Match the jewelry with orange, blue, red, pink, yellow, and green clothing.

Buy silver or white gold jewelry if your skin’s undertone is cool. Match the jewelry with purple, green, and blue clothing items. will Make sure to stay away from colors like yellow and orange if possible.

For neutral skin undertones, both yellow and white metals will look spectacular no matter the color of your clothing.

Buying Jewelry That Matches

Now you can start buying jewelry that matches all of the outfits in your wardrobe. Just remember to think about the style, color, occasion, and your skin’s undertone before making a purchase.

Choose jewelry that speaks to you and accent your next ensemble with confidence! Check out our fashion category for other amazing advice about buying jewelry and much more.