5 Cool Facts About Roof Building

Worker installs bearing laths on the truss system

About seven percent of the USA’s over 75 million homes re-roof each year. Keeping dry is still, it turns out, a pretty high priority for most homeowners out there. A roof that’s stylish, stable, and secure is still one of the best ways to increase your own comfort and the value of your home.

But how many of us really know what goes into the roof building process? Can we even tell different roof types apart? In fact, how many people can honestly say they know how to build a roof at all?

Well, that’s about to change, because we’re about to tell the 5 coolest facts about roof building that you need to know!

1. A Lot Goes Into Building a Roof

We all know what a roof is made of, right? It’s just a load of wood, some nails, and then a layer of shingles on top of it.

Not quite.

In reality, building a roof is a complex process. You need different layers to accomplish different tasks: insulating the building, diverting rainwater, and various environmental protections. It’s a pretty complicated process!

2. You Cannot Take a ‘Do It Yourself’ Approach to Roofing

Because roofs are actually really complicated, it is highly not recommended to do work on them yourself. Chances are very high that you will mess something up, which will need an expensive repair at best or be downright dangerous at worst. We live in an age where you can search ‘roofing contractor near me‘ on a search engine and find an expert in seconds.

Take advantage of it!

3. Like Us, Roofs Have to Let It All Out

There’s nothing like a good vent, right? Roofs are the same way. If you seal your roof all the way up, you’re gonna end up with a load of trapped moist air that will end up damaging your home.

4. Roofs Have a Dramatic Impact on Curb Appeal

You might not think about it much, but the roof is one of the first things people notice about a building. An unkempt roof can have negative effects on the resale value of a home, even if the rest of the house is spotless. It’s all about first impressions!

5. Good Roof Building Lasts a Lifetime

A well-built roof can last decades. Yep, you read that right. If you don’t cut corners and work with the professionals, your roof can do its job for tens of years — around 40 or 50, even — without breaking a sweat. Not bad for something so exposed to the elements!

Raise the Roof

And there you go, you’re now a little bit more au fait with the intricacies of the wild and wonderful world of roof building. Whether you have a roof repair on the horizon or you’re just roof-curious, we hope we enlightened you a little as to this too-often overlooked feature of our homes.

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