5 Successful Impact Investments That Make a Difference


Around Ten percent of global fund assets are now invested in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) funds.

There’s no doubt that we are living in challenging times. On any given day, you may hear distressing news that makes you question whether you can do enough to combat the adversity facing so many people around the globe.

That’s why it is so important to remember that every kind act can have a positive impact on someone’s life. One way to ensure that your contribution matters is through impact investing.

Keep reading for a breakdown of sustainable impact investments that really work.

1. Aqua-Spark

AquaSpark is a social enterprise that invests in small-scale fisheries. The fish farmers they work with are able to increase their yields and incomes, which has a positive ripple effect on their communities.

Their patented technology creates a financial incentive for fishers to operate sustainably. In 2017, they were named one of the top 10 most effective impact investments by the Financial Times.

2. CNote

CNote is a social impact investment firm making a difference in the lives of underserved communities across the United States. Through their innovative financial products, CNote is working to close the wealth gap and create economic opportunity for all.

Since its launch in 2015, CNote has invested over $30 million in more than 200 small businesses and non-profit organizations. Their work has yielded significant social and economic returns, benefiting borrowers, investors, and society.

One of CNote’s most successful impact investments has been in the form of a $1 million loan to an organization called Kiva. This has provided small businesses with interest-free loans. This investment has helped to create or sustain over 2,500 jobs and counting.

3. Collab Capital

Collab Capital funds early-stage businesses led by Black people. With a mission to close the venture capital funding gap, Collab Capital has made a successful social impact by investing in over 60 Black-owned businesses.

As a result of their efforts, Collab Capital has helped create over 1,000 jobs. They also generated millions of dollars in revenue for businesses led by Black people.

4. General Electric

One of GE’s most successful impact investments is its involvement in the development of the world’s first commercially viable jet engine. This technology has had a transformative impact on the airline industry. It made long-distance travel more accessible and affordable for billions of people.

GE’s investment in the jet engine has also generated significant financial returns for the company. GE Aviation continues to be a global leader in aircraft engine supply.

5. Veris Wealth Partners

Veris has a team of experienced professionals passionate about making a difference. They invest in companies that positively impact areas such as renewable energy, green technology, education, health care, and clean water.

If you are in search of an impact investing placement agent, you will surely find a trusted partner online. Now, you can start planning your impactful project.

Are You Now More Interested in Impact Investments?

There are many different types of impact investments, but all have the goal of making a positive difference. To succeed, an impact investment must be well-planned and aligned with the organization’s goals.

It is also important to choose an investment appropriate for the organization’s size, risk tolerance, and financial needs. With careful planning and research, impact investments can be a powerful tool for creating positive change.

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