5 Tips for Buying Contact Lenses Online


Today, you can buy almost anything online, including contact lenses.

It’s estimated that approximately 45 million people in the U.S. use contact lenses, so why not add an element of convenience to this by allowing them to buy online?

While this is a great way to get contacts, you still need to use caution. Use the tips and information below to ensure your online experience shopping for contact lenses is positive.

1. Read Your Prescription Carefully

The first step in getting contacts is scheduling eye exams. At this point, you will receive your contact lens prescription.

Make sure you read the information carefully. Even a single wrong number can make it impossible for you to use the contacts you receive.

Also, if the lens doesn’t fit you properly, it can cause irritation, blurred vision, and corneal abrasions.

2. Stick to the Brand Prescribed by Your Doctor

It may be tempting to look for a different brand of contact lenses than what you were prescribed by your doctor, especially if they are cheaper.

While there are some situations where this is acceptable, that’s not always the case. Your eye doctor prescribes a specific brand to ensure it works with the shape of your eye and water content in your eye.

3. Order Enough Lenses

Do you know how many lenses you should order? This depends on the type you purchase.

For example, you can purchase lenses that must be changed daily, weekly, monthly, or every six months. Your eye doctor can let you know how many you should order to ensure you have enough.

4. Shop Around

Prices for the same type and brand of contacts will vary from one seller to another. Because of this, it’s a good idea to shop around before making a purchase.

You may be able to save money if you do this.

It’s also a good idea to look for coupon codes or deals that you can use to reduce the price further.

5. Get the Right Care Supplies

When you are ready to purchase contact lenses, make sure you get the necessary care supplies, too.

It doesn’t matter how many lenses you plan to purchase; you need to have the items needed to clean them. If you aren’t sure what you need, ask your eye doctor. They can give you a list of must-have items to care for your new contacts.

Now You Know How to Order Contact Lenses Online

If you are interested in ordering contact lenses online, be sure to keep the tips and information above in mind. This will help ensure you get the right contacts for a fair price.

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