6 Best Business Management Courses You Can Pursue Online


Many businesses are struggling to thrive in today’s challenging and changing business environment. As a result, many organisations hire managers to oversee various aspects of their businesses, such as financing, marketing, strategy, technology and equipment, operations and human resources. These business managers help organisations:

  • Supervise and train employees
  • Oversee core operations
  • Design company infrastructure to be future-ready

There are many professional courses available to help new graduates and working professionals develop management skills and advance their careers into managerial positions. In this article, we’ll look at the six best management courses available online.

Advanced Programme in Strategic Project Management

IIM Calcutta offers a 9-month advanced leadership and management course. The course is designed specifically for mid to senior-level professionals and aspiring project leaders. It can help them improve their ability to plan and manage projects more effectively, with a focus on project and portfolio management, strategy, and leadership.

This professional course also covers other operational aspects of project management and tactical and behavioural aspects of leadership and communication. It can help candidates advance from managerial to leadership positions.

Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management

It is a one-year professional course that includes live online sessions with top faculty who have years of industry experience. This IIM Indore course is specifically designed for mid and senior-level professionals to assist them in the following ways:

  • Develop a holistic view of business management
  • Learn in-demand skills like strategy, finance, and leadership
  • Improve business knowledge and strategic thinking
  • Implement data-driven growth strategies to scale business growth
  • Improve leadership ability to deal with real-world problems in real-time
  • Encourage customer-focused innovation and operational efficiency

General Management Programme for Business Excellence

IIM Kozhikode offers this online leadership and management course to professionals who want to learn from top industry experts remotely. It is a 10-month-long programme that helps candidates:

  • Explore fundamental management principles and gain world-class business acumen.
  • Acquire functional knowledge in core business management areas.
  • Develop the frameworks and skills required to hone and improve leadership abilities.
  • Drive organisational performance with digital business models and insights into digital strategy implementation.
  • Learn to leverage data and analytics to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Executive Programme in Strategic Management

This IIM Lucknow advanced course is designed to provide professionals with the end-to-end strategic perspective needed to bridge the gap between strategy planning and execution to achieve organisational goals. This 7-month professional course, which includes weekly live sessions with top faculty, helps candidates in the following ways:

  • Develop a strategic mindset to shape and enhance competitive advantage in a changing environment.
  • Improve critical thinking and strategic decision-making abilities to help a business grow.
  • Learn how to develop and implement effective and focused business strategies.

Certificate Programme in Business Management

It is a 6-month programme offered by IIT Delhi for freshers and working professionals who want to learn the modern art and science of management. This online certificate programme is a career-defining option that covers all aspects of a full-time management programme. It will help candidates develop a thorough understanding of in-demand management concepts, strategies, and frameworks to accelerate their managerial careers.

Certificate Programme in Healthcare Management

This online professional course offered by ISB Executive Education is designed for professionals who want a holistic understanding of the healthcare ecosystem to meet the growing needs of healthcare industries. The certificate programme will teach candidates about the industry from a management standpoint, as well as in-depth knowledge of accounting and financing, process design and analysis, marketing strategies, and strategic management.

So, if you are an aspiring professional looking to develop skills and strategies, as well as learn in-depth about your industry, consider taking a leadership and management course from one of these top Indian institutes.