7 Benefits of an Automatic Soap Dispenser for Your Business


It’s slippery, inexpensive, and could save not only your life—but can also save your business!

This wonder product we’re talking about is soap, of course, something every business bathroom needs. However, you also need to consider your soap dispenser options, since not all are created equal.

If you want to put your best foot forward as a business owner, you absolutely need to invest in an automatic soap dispenser for your washroom. It looks more professional and is also very sanitary, but that’s not all.

To learn more, keep reading to learn seven of the best reasons to update your company’s bathroom with an automatic soap dispenser.

1. An Automatic Soap Dispenser Is Sanitary

Sanitation in public places has never been more important than it is now, with everyone trying to avoid germs and social distance. That’s why automatic devices are the best of your soap dispenser options for sanitation.

Imagine a bathroom countertop and a bar of soap—bathroom surfaces contain a disgusting 452 bacteria per square inch, often combined with airborne toilet water that splashes onto the surface.

No way do you want a soap bar on that surface!

An automatic dispenser is much more hygienic and sanitary. Plus, because the soap comes out via an automated sensor, no one needs to touch the dispenser itself.

This also helps the spread of bacteria and viruses from person to person.

Your customers will notice this and will appreciate a business that cares for the health and wellbeing of its customers.

2. Easy to Use

Both workers and customers are busy and probably in a hurry—save them time and make life easy with an automated dispenser. It might be a small convenience, but it’s one your customers are sure to appreciate.

It couldn’t be easier to use, since the soap comes out as soon as it senses your hand underneath. Much simpler than fiddling with soap pumps, which often clog, get stuck, or run out of soap.

3. Looks Modern

We love the look of automatic soap dispensers. They’re modern, minimalist, and fasten directly to the wall, so they don’t clutter up your bathroom countertop. This is ideal for small spaces.

We love the look of these classic designs from prestigewashrooms.co.uk, since they’ll blend in with any business bathroom decor.

This will give your bathroom a clean, professional look, whether it’s a large or small space.

4. Avoids Soap Being Wasted

Soap may seem inexpensive, but it’s still an essential business expense that adds up over time. You don’t want to waste it, which is why automatic dispensers are great.

Each device will automatically dispense just the right amount of soap—not too much, not too little! This is in contrast to dispensers people pump themselves, where they often take way more soap than they need.

Your new dispenser will conserve soap, but you’ll also know exactly how many uses you’ll get from each full dispenser. This makes it easier to manage inventory.

When it’s time to refill, you’ll either pour the liquid soap directly into the dispenser or you’ll open and insert a new bag of soap.

5. Less Mess

Have you ever gone to wash your hands in a public bathroom and noticed there was slimy, sticky soap all over the bathroom counter? Dispensers can leak and also get clogged easily, so people pull them out, turn them upside down, and do all sorts of things to get the soap out.

Automation prevents all this, helping your bathroom look clean and tidy. This is essential for any business that wants to portray a professional, hygienic appearance.

As a bonus, less mess also equals less cleaning, so you and your cleaning staff will save time each evening as the countertops won’t get sticky and messy from spilled soap.

6. They’re Fun for Kids to Use

Does your business often have children coming in to visit? If so, know that kids love fun things, especially related to technology.

So, they’re sure to enjoy the fun of watching the soap ‘magically’ come out of the dispenser without touching it!

As a bonus, most parents know how hard it can be to convince their kids to wash their hands, so this is a way to make the process more enjoyable—so that kids actually want to do it!

7. Easy to Mount On the Bathroom Wall

Another great reason to invest in automatic dispensers is that they’re quick and easy to install. You might worry about having to have handyman skills to install them, but most mount to the wall very easily.

However, you can also hire an installer if you’re worried about doing it yourself.

It really only takes a few minutes to get it set up before it’s ready for use. For large bathrooms, you can mount multiple devices, ideally right next to each sink.

Install an Automatic Soap Dispenser In Your Business Today

Who knew the right soap dispenser could make such a difference to your business? If you’re ready to upgrade, purchase and install an automatic soap dispenser for your company’s bathroom.

You, your staff, and your customers will appreciate all the benefits it can bring. In a world where first impressions are everything, make sure your bathroom makes a good one!

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