7 Reasons Why Product Packaging Design is Important to Your Business


What’s the number of times you’ve stopped to look at a product because the packaging drew your attention? Did the appearance of two similar items influence your decision-making, having to choose between them? While it’s unfair to judge things based on their appearance, we so much care about the first impression.

In fact, 7 out of 10 consumers agree that product packaging design influences their buying decision.

The appearance of a product’s packaging is as crucial as the product itself. Poor product packaging design will reduce product sales no matter how good it is. There are several factors to consider when selecting a product’s packaging design.

It must tell your story, set the stage, and sell your brand. An excellent product packaging design helps you build a successful business. Here are the seven reasons why product packaging design is vital for your business.

1. First Impressions

Every product creation aims to attract customers and encourage them to purchase your product. It’s critical to contemplate the wants and needs of the consumers. The first impression is vital in the purchasing process.

The right product packaging design can help you get your products into the buyers’ hands. Choose designs, colors, and high-quality packing materials that entice buyers to buy your goods. The packaging of a product reflects the content and the whole brand.

Conduct deep research on consumer wants and needs while defining your brand strategy.

2. Protects the Product

The key purpose of packaging is to protect the products from damages during transportation, handling, and storage. A well-designed packaging protects the product throughout the entire logistics chain. It keeps the product safe from heat, moisture, light, and other environmental factors.

3. Displays and Promotes the Product

The packaging designs for most products, especially food products, have descriptions for nutritional information and ingredients. Others may include instructions for setting up and using the product. The display of essential product information is important for business marketing.

Also, it promotes customer satisfaction. The buyer is more likely satisfied based on their understanding of what they are buying. Some product packaging designs may let the products speak for themselves.

Window box packaging allows customers to see the product in real-time. Most people prefer this to written explanations and diagrams. Seeing the product description boosts customer satisfaction and the likelihood of buying it.

4. Packaging Color Sways Customer Purchase Habits

The colors used in packaging your products impact the customer’s purchasing decisions. Colors affect your brain in various ways, so make appropriate choices of colors. For instance, items with white packaging bear safety, simplicity, and purity.

According to color experts, a product becomes less sophisticated if more colors are added to its packaging design. Other colors, such as blue, have a wide range of meanings. Dark navy color is more professional and is appealing to adult audiences.

A light sky blue is a jolly color, the best fit for younger customers. Blue is the world’s most popular color, but that does not mean it should always be your preference. Research your target demographic before settling on a color scheme for your packaging.

5. Product Packaging Design Is a Marketing Tool

Packaging design is more than just the appearance and the feeling. It’s also a fantastic company marketing tool for your brand. It allows you to communicate the intended perception to your customers.

It can also help you in building brand loyalty over time. Product packaging designs are redesigned every few years to keep up with the latest trends and market demands. As a vital element of your business, packaging design doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

Minimize the costs of designing without compromising on your product quality and packaging. As such, you can use materials like cardboard boxes, plastic bags, paperboard, and upcycled craft supplies.

6. Differentiates Your Product From the Competitors

Walking in a store, you can quickly reveal enough supplies of new and exciting products. Mostly, retailers put similar products together on shelves. It’s critical to distinguish your products from the competition.

A well-designed, eye-catching brand packaging is an excellent way to accomplish this. The shape and size of your packaging may be similar to that of your competitors but unique design. The colors, style, and fonts can help distinguish your product from competitors.

The innovative clear plastic boxes will attract customers and help set your product apart from others.

7. Special Unboxing Experience

The customer experiences are all that matters in making a successful brand. The definition of your brand is the feeling it gives to the consumers. People like participating in a unique and fun-loving purchasing experience.

The thrill of buying something you have desired for a while is spectacular. Shopping is enjoyable because of the new products’ feel, smell, and shine. Packaging also plays a role here.

Unboxing is a great way to connect with customers. Allow them to enjoy the picking up and the unwrapping process for their new purchases. Packaging design helps you make a meaningful and long-lasting connection with your customers.

Invest in Product Packaging Design to Give Your Brand an Edge

Product packaging is an essential aspect of every business. Your packaging design decisions influence your customers’ experience before the product does. The packaging design is what introduces the customer first to the product.

It’s an essential factor that no manufacturer should overlook. Product packaging design secures an excellent first impression and long-lasting brand loyalty.

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