9 Effective Social Media Tips for Businesses


According to some research, 72% of the population uses social media. If you’re going to be working in marketing, you need to be marketing on social media platforms.

But you shouldn’t go into it blindly without a strategy.

Keep reading for some of the top social media tips to help grow your business and succeed.

1. Come Up With a Plan

It’s really easy to start using social media for business purposes. You should set up business profiles for your accounts; these are a little bit different than personal profiles.

While these social media tools are free, you should still have a good goal of what you want to achieve. For example, what type of content do you want to post? Do you want to post promotional or informational content?

You should also figure out the best time to post content. Come up with a good content calendar and be consistent with it. You can even use a social media scheduler to help.

You should also focus on building a brand or aesthetic for your posts. Your branding should be consistent across all platforms.

2. Respond to Comments

When you start posting more content, you’ll have people who start commenting on your posts. When you have the time, you should always reply to the messages, reviews, tags, and comments.

Responding to comments will boost your engagement rate, but it will also show that you’re interested in your audience. This can be hard when you’re first starting out, but it will really help grow your page.

On some platforms, there are even automatic replies that you can use to answer simple questions that customers might ask. This strategy will also help your audience feel like they’re heard and valued by you, which means they might come back.

3. Show Off Personality

When in doubt, make sure that you’re always authentic.

Look through your competitor’s social media profiles and figure out what they’re doing that works well. What makes them feel special, and why would someone follow them?

Normally, you’ll want to have a personality so that people know that you’re not just using robots to push out the content.

4. Research Your Audience

Researching will help you tailor your content to appeal to that target audience.

First, compile the data on all of your customers. You’ll also want to use social media analytics to see what your audience is.

This way you can have information about who you’re interacting with online.

You can even create buyer personas. Buyer personas will help you understand how to reach your audience and convert them to a sale as well.

5. Track Metrics

Speaking of information, you should also be tracking metrics. You’ll want to use the SMART method.

The SMART method means using specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based goals. To reach those goals, you’ll need the metrics.

The metrics will tell you what works on social media and what doesn’t work. You should always be reviewing your metrics so you know if you need to try a different strategy.

6. Choose Platforms Carefully

Before you join every social media platform, you’ll need to decide which ones will work best for you.

Most social media for business doesn’t need to be on every platform. You’ll need to figure out where your target audience spends most of their time. When you can figure that out, you can spend more of your time on the platforms that perform well.

7. Use Videos

You’ll also want to start making video content. Using videos is becoming more popular, and the algorithms are picking it up more and more.

However, it can be hard to figure out what you want to create a video about. Videos can help you gain more reach and find more followers.

If you aren’t sure what to make videos about, then you should figure out what your products or services are. Maybe you could post a video featuring all the benefits of what you’re selling.

You may even want to watch some videos from your competitors to see what they’re doing and what people seem to like.

8. Be Passionate

People will be able to tell when the feeling isn’t genuine, and the content will come across as inauthentic.

Gaining success on social media is a long-game strategy, and it’ll take months of hard work to get to a place where you start seeing some success on your account. To make sure that you can commit to that work, it helps to have a passion and invested interest in seeing the account succeed.

9. Follow Trends

If you are lacking inspiration for content, you can always follow trends as well. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do every meme that goes viral.

Instead, you should pay attention to the trends so that you know what people are going to look for when they sign into social media.

Following trends will also help you find content that will resonate with your audience. On Tik Tok, if you see people are using a trending piece of audio, figure out how to make this relatable to your business.

Discover More Social Media Tips

These are only a few popular social media tips that will help you grow your business and succeed, but there are many more strategies that you can try.

We know that working in marketing or being a business owner can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

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