Daimler Stake Sale by Nissan following Renault


Announcement is being made by Nissan; Japanese Motor Company about their stake sale of 1.5% in Daimler (German Carmaker) with accelerated bookbuild offer. The move of company came after the sale stake action is being taken by their Japanese partner Renault in March 2021.

Partnership is came into shape almost a decade before where Nissan and Daimler have make exchanges of stakes to strengthen their industrial growth. According to sources in last years, company have informed to continuing this partnership but some sources also revealed about company plans actually made at the time of partnership is not being materialised. Company cross share holding is not longer deemed necessary with current situation, where investors where informed to expect the share prices of 69.85 Euros for each share.

This complete block trade is being organized by Bank of America and Societe Generale.