DuPont 2021 Sales and Profit Forecast – Robust Demand from Automakers


One of the leading industrial product maker Dupont have revised their next quarters revenue as well as profit forecast looking at the expectation from Automakers. Company is looking at increasing demand from Chip companies along with good recovery from auto mobile markets from Europe and Asian countries.

Just to share Dupont is manufacturer of brake fluid as well as fabric for protective garment and leading chemical manufacturer, looking at good recovery from their partner from the recovery of demand after COVID-19 pandemic-led slump and costs cuts.

Company have seen good rise and expecting to have net sales between $15.70 billion and $15.90 billion and with balance between $3.60 to $3.75 for earnings per share by ended December 2021. During previous announcement company have set forecast to have sales between $15.40 billion and $15.60 billion on earnings of $3.30 to $3.45 per share but company hit from raw material purchase for $300 million or any other logistics costs and supply constraints of key raw materials.