First Car Day! 3 Tips for Buying a Used Car for Your Teen


Do you think it’s time that your teen gets a car? If so, this article was made to help you!

The secondhand car market is growing and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s now estimated at 41 million units each year in the US.

Buying a used car is in such high demand. And there are plenty of benefits to buying one, such as it saves you money or it’s more environmentally friendly.

But to get the most out of buying one, you need to know the best tips for buying a used car.

So, what are these tips? Continue reading to find out!

1. Make Out Your Budget

Of course, everyone would love to buy their teen a Bugatti Veyron or a Ferrari F50. But unfortunately, it is not possible for most people.

Before you even start searching online or in person, you need to make out your budget. Otherwise, you’ll make your life very difficult.

When making a budget, there are a lot of factors to consider. You need to add in the price of the car, tax, insurance, delivery charges, and any repairs or maintenance. So don’t max out your budget on just the car itself.

Many people who are buying a used car take out a loan. If you’re doing so, calculate the monthly costs to make sure you can pay the money back. And don’t forget about any fees and annual percentage rate (APR).

2. Decide What Used Car Is Right

Once you know your budget, make a list of all the wants and must-haves in a car. This way, you can eliminate vehicles from your search right away, so you don’t waste time and energy. And when you do come across the perfect car, you won’t forget about any essentials.

If your teen needs a pickup truck or a 4 wheel drive vehicle, there’s no point in wasting your well-earned cash on a Mini. Consider the main reason why your teen needs a car and what they’ll be doing with it.

A small engine is a great thing to have in a teen’s first car. They’ll save a lot of money on gas, insurance is cheaper, and it’s more eco-friendly. A small one is a 1.0-1.2 liter engine.

3. Know How to Buy a Car

The final step to buying a car is handing over the money. But there are a few things to know first.

First, you need to consider where you’re buying the car. A private seller might be cheaper at the beginning but could work out more expensive in the long run. Cars from a dealership are in better condition mechanically, which can save you and your teen a pile of cash.

If you don’t know much about cars, bring a mechanic with you when testing one. They will make sure it won’t cost you a fortune to repair down the line. But more importantly, it’s safe for your teen!

The best-negotiating tip for buying a used car is to know its specifics. Know the model, engine size, and gearbox. The more you know, the stronger position you are in to negotiate the price down.

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The Best Tips For Buying a Used Car

You now know the best tips for buying a used car. So you can be certain that you’ll pick the right one for your teen!

Now it’s time for tip number one, start making your budget. And from there you can start looking for the perfect car.

And if you want any more tips on cars or being on the road, continue to read our blog for free!