M&M April Sale Update: Domestic sales of 34,432 units for Passenger and Commercial Vehicle Range


Company have announced to have 34,432 units sales in April 2021 into Passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd (M&M), where country is seeing second wave of Covid 19 with various restriction available in different cities and states depending upon the situation locally.

As per company statement: “The units sold in April this year are not comparable with April 2020, since no vehicles were sold last year in the domestic market due to COVID-related (nationwide) lockdown,”

Company have announced to have total 18,285 units into passenger vehicle i.e. 18186 units in utility and 99 units into van and car segment.

Where it’s have commercial vehicle category segment of 16,285 only, into 2 tonne to 3 tonne light commercial vehicle or LUV Category.

“With the increase in lockdown restrictions in many parts of the country we foresee continuing supply chain-related production challenges. While demand remains good, there would be some impact in the first quarter as a result of low customer movement and dealership activity due to the lockdown restrictions,” Nakra said.