Should You Sell Your Totaled Car?


Have you recently totaled your car?

This can be a stressful experience. After all, your car is a major investment. Plus, being involved in a serious collision can leave you rattled. That’s why it’s important to get rid of your junk car and get on with your life.

The key is to understand can you sell a totaled car that’s no longer drivable. This article provides the answers you need to know.

Here we take a look at the best place to sell a totaled car no matter how bad the damage is so you can put some cash in your pocket. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Sell Your Totaled Car?

Let’s start by taking a look at the reasons why you’d want to get rid of your wrecked car.

For starters, it’s important to make sure that your junk car no longer runs. Talk to a body shop to ensure that it’s a total loss. An experienced body shop will assess the car and provide a repair estimate. This will help you decide whether it’s worth the expense to fix it or sell it.

Once the car is officially declared undrivable, you can then begin considering what to do with a totaled car.

Can You Sell It?

Most people have no desire to keep a totaled car. Thus you’ll need to find a way to sell it for the most money possible. This can be tricky.

A few options include selling it for parts, listing it in online forums or on social media, or simply parking it and putting a For Sale sign on it. Just keep in mind that trying to sell it by any of these means could be time-consuming and exhausting. Plus, any offers you receive will likely be very low.

Sell Your Car for Cash

The best strategy for getting rid of your junk car fast is to sell the totaled car for cash. Believe it or not, this is much easier than you probably think.

The process is extremely straightforward. The key is to contact a company that offers to buy junk cars, then provide them with the information they need to make you an offer, including the make, model, and year of your totaled car.

The junk car company will then make a cash offer. Once you accept the offer, they will come to your home, give you a check for the purchase price, and haul the car away for you.

Be sure to find a quality company that pays cash for junk cars in your area.

So, Can You Sell a Totaled Car?

There’s nothing fun about being involved in a major driving accident. Fortunately, this guide to understanding can you sell a totaled car provides the answers you need to make the aftermath of a wreck a bit less stressful.

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