Co-sourcing In Australia: Everything You Need To Know


As more and more companies find themselves in need of skilled labor, it’s hard to find a reliable external supplier without having to compromise their already existing workforce. Co-sourcing takes this concept up a notch and allows companies to hire a supplier from the outside without replacing the existing staff. It’s a great way for businesses to get their working staff focusing on the more important part while an external vendor takes care of the rest.

However, this must not be confused with any sort of consultation service as the company’s employees play a very active role in the project. Moreover, it is also not the same as outsourcing as the total involvement is not relinquished even to the slightest for any part of the work or the project.

Co-sourcing is implemented by many industrial sectors in Australia namely the healthcare sector, the IT industry and is slowly becoming a new business practice among thousands of companies. Although the success factors might vary depending upon the type of industry, the principle of practice pretty much remains the same. Initially made for smaller businesses, this type of outsourcing agreement has now been adopted by large corporations all over the world.

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What Are The Common Services Offered When It Comes To Co-sourcing?

When the company doesn’t have the required staff for various undertakings, this is the way to go. Some of their services involve these strategies:

  1. Make sure that the business practices or strategies of a company comply with the standards set forward by the Australian government. This includes an audit of designated accounts, valuations of certain issues and reviewing accounts linked to foreign institutions where the customs of business are different or not adequate.
  1. Reviewing specialized areas in the industry like healthcare, engineering, accounting services for assets or securities that are hard to value, reviewing marketing issues with the mortgage industry, practices for hedging or servicing regarding the mortgage, securities or rights of service.
  1. Laying down different programmes for training and evaluating the staff, workers and personnel. It also involves honing in different systems of reporting that run on standard software for all businesses or other database infrastructure.

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Benefits Of Co-sourcing:

  1. Flexibility: Suppose there is a shift in the software platforms used and extra workers may be required to make this shift as seamless as possible. Maybe the workers need an extra hand regarding a certain project or service. Whatever the case may be, this type of outsourcing service can help with the transition without disrupting the productivity of the working sector.
  1. Cutting Down Costs: Staff hired using this type of outsourcing method requires fewer wages for finishing a project. They also don’t require other types of benefits like pensions, compensations and insurance. As a result, companies don’t need to spend as much, allowing them to save a lot of money in the long run.
  1. Scaling The Company: Growing a company may not always be at a steady pace and sometimes things can take off. As the firm expands and opens into new ventures, the need for more employees and software infrastructure rises along with it. Since it is not cost-effective to hire more technicians and engineers full time, companies can make use of co-sourcing to scale all of their services.

Co-sourcing doesn’t put pressure on the rest of the staff, especially when they are pressed with deadlines and time constraints. As a viable outsourcing option, companies in Australia can make use of co-sourcing to breeze through all those extra workloads or find specialists in the field to work with the existing staff in finishing the final product or service.

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