Commercial Signage Tips to Create a Strong Marketing Strategy


The internet didn’t wipe traditional marketing off the face of the earth.

On the contrary, high-converting campaigns leverage various methods, merging social media, video, signage, and more.

Notice how more billboards are going digital?

Financial districts like New York City’s Time Square take it even further with digital 3D signage.

Here are a few more ways to leverage commercial signage at your business.

How to Use Signage to Inspire Action

Pause and think about the point of company signs. You want people to take action, whether by saving a phone number or walking through the door for a 50% off sale. These desired actions are the goals of your marketing campaign.

For example, if a kids’ store wants to direct customers (and their little ones) to a big summer sale, they might install arrow-shaped decals on the floor, leading to the sale section. Additionally, you may find sale signage installed on top of the racks. You’d likely find a window sign advertising the sale event.

Other ideas include:

  • Outdoor sandwich chalkboards
  • Inflatable signage
  • Window markers
  • Signage at the register
  • Digital signage on credit card processors

Even signs on the back of dressing room doors can inspire customers to purchase more.

Leverage the Right Color Combinations in Commercial Signage

Dull signs go unnoticed, but you don’t want to make them too busy. Sandwich boards are an exception since you need bright, bold colors to stand out on a black background. Whiteboards may be even easier to use.

Your company’s brand colors are a great start. If you’re managing a retail store that’s part of a larger chain, your company’s headquarters will likely provide signage. Running a mom n’ pop store gives you a little more creative leeway.

Think of “buying” colors like pink and white, red and white (or red and yellow), blue and white, etc. For example, green and yellow would be perfect for a gardening store sale sign. Purple and silver work best for spa signage.

Use a color wheel as you design your commercial signage. Test out a few signs, measuring their effectiveness over time. You can also browse this page to learn more about different printing services as you grow:

Integrating Business Signs

Do you want to improve your business signage conversion rate?

Include signs in your overall marketing campaign.

First, ensure your branding identity is consistent across all your marketing methods, from social media to countertop signs.

Next, include QR codes on signage, encouraging customers to scan codes with their phones, prompting them to interact with more media. Your QR codes could direct you to a social media page, limited-time offer, product landing page, etc.

Invest in digital interactive signage with touch screens and video. You could also mount TV screens on the walls to broadcast advertisements.

Give Your Company Signage a Makeover

Forget boring signage. Get people to stop and take notice!

Follow these tips as you craft your next commercial signage campaign. Remember to leverage various signage types, color theory, and digital integration.

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