Busting Myths About Leaflet Printing


The competition is fierce considering there are 32.5 million small businesses in the United States alone. So you might wonder how you can stand out from the crowd in this sea of competition.

It can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there are ways to be unique. One way is through leaflet printing.

But many believe in leaflet printing myths, so they don’t use it for their business. Read this guide on common leaflet myths and see how powerful they are today!

1. Leaflet Printing Services Aren’t Environmentally Friendly

Some believe that next day leaflets aren’t environmentally-friendly since they’re made from trees. While trees need saving, you could also consider digital print leaflets.

Paper doesn’t deplete our natural resources. Paper production encourages sustainable forest management. Since they use forestland, they encourage landowners to keep it.

Next, paper can be recycled. Many printing service providers will use recycled paper.

Some will use vegetable-based inks for the printing process. Companies could use FSC-approved printed material to reduce environmental harm.

2. It’s Not Effective Marketing

Consumers are still opening their mailboxes each day. They’ll see various sales and products and make a decision.

Your best option is to use both online and offline marketing. This is because they’ll use digital for store choice options.

People are more likely to pay attention to leaflet marketing since pop-ups bombarb them on websites. You could send them to a link on your site that’s a unique code for leaflets to track conversions. You could also offer them a discount that only they can use.

3. It’s Expensive

It’s an affordable option! The process is simple, and the output is small, which keeps the price low.

You can also order in bulk to save money. Many commercial printers will work with you and your budget.

4. It’s Not Targeted Marketing

While social media and search engines help you use data to target consumers, not everyone uses the internet. For example, postal addresses could provide targeted information such as their wealth, household income, lifestyle, etc.

It’s also an effective method for brand awareness. Each time you send a flyer, consumers will see your logo and become familiar with it.

5. You Can’t Customize

Leaflet printing guides are customizable for your business. You can choose from textured brochures, papers, and various colors. Speak with a leaflet professional for help with designs.

You can personalize your campaigns to match your audience. Variable data printing allows you to personalize messages instead of sending one message to multiple people.

Understanding the Myths About Leaflet Printing

After exploring this guide, you should better understand the myths about leaflet printing. Then, speak with a leaflet professional either online or in your area. They can help you develop an effective design and plan for your company.

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