How To Crack The Board Exams: Hacks and Tools


Trying to crack the board exams? Here are some tips to follow. Students can read through this article to learn more. A student will have a better chance of acing the board exams by preparing effectively for them. With board exams around the corner, most students are now focussing on exam preparations.

A diligent student will find this article on how to prepare for the board exams useful. Using this guide, they can avoid common mistakes and follow tips and tricks for better results. For students in Classes 10 and 12 across all boards, board exams are crucial. If a student is studying for the UP Board Class 12, they are advised to review the 12th Syllabus UP Board as this will help them to plan their studies better.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for Boards

The following are some common misconceptions students have that prevent them from performing well in their board exams.

  • Rather than rely on hard work, most students believe they need inborn talent to learn a subject. According to them, success comes from their innate intelligence and natural skills. Students who believe this are less likely to study well and perform better.  
  • Students tend to believe that learning is a fast process. However, they need to understand that, the lesser time a person spends studying a lesson, the less likely it is that the information will stick with him.
  • Even if the most effective strategy for success is to concentrate on studying closer to the exam, the amount of material that the students must memorise is so large that the time it takes to review this material is often underestimated. So, students are encouraged to remember some of what they learned at the beginning of their study sessions. Spaced repetition is said to be the most effective method for retaining information over the long term.
  • During board exam preparation, students usually fail to test their knowledge and performance. According to dozens of studies, students who test themselves are likely to remember 50% more information than if they spent the same amount of time studying.

Having established the common mistakes or misconceptions that students should avoid, we also provide some hacks and strategies for students to follow.

Hacks and Tools To Be Followed By Students

Students can use the following tips to succeed in their exams:

  • In order to plan their studies efficiently, students must be able to identify their learning style easily.
  • Prior to the board exams, be well-prepared and revise thoroughly.
  • Having a study group helps to clarify doubts and discuss all subjects well.
  • Prioritizing challenging subjects makes preparing for the board exams effective.
  • Additionally, students are advised to practise hard with sample papers and mock tests.
  • Notes assist students in remembering concepts, formulas, and theorems.

Last but not the least, students of all boards in Classes 10 and 12 are also advised to prepare for the board exams using previous year papers. For example, the UP Board Exam Paper Class 10 can be especially valuable for Class 10 UP Board students. Being prepared for test day means knowing how it feels to take the exam under pressure. Exam practice and questions can help here.

It is easier for students to succeed in board exams when they follow these strategies and avoid common misconceptions. The tricks and hacks that students can use to prepare for their exams will help them build confidence, maximize their study time, and succeed!