What is the Notable CCIE EI Lab Exam Format?


The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab exam is tough when you have limited knowledge. You need to tighten up your preparation for the same. To proceed with that, it’s a credible step that you learn its format. 

This blog post, thus, has an agenda to make you familiar with the common format of the Spoto CCIE IE Lab exam. Once you get through the topics and the format described below, you will be at ease. 

The duration of the CCIE EI exam is around 8 hours.

This is going to be possibly a long exam. It will consist of different phases and topics. We describe some later in this blog post for your knowledge. 

Prepare your mind and sharpen your skill to attempt such a long examination. This exam will enable you to plan, design, operate, monitor, direct and control complex network security issues. That is related to the enterprise infrastructure designs. 

Though, it’s not that tough either. Know why? That’s because it allows you 7 days to complete your 8 hours of examination. 

The cost of the exam is about $1600.

Set a budget beforehand. Don’t stress over the total exam cost when you are short on funds. Instead, keep yourself updated about the latest news on the CCIE EI exam trends, including the cost. 

It might change year after year. Though, you at least now know the average cost of this exam. So, start seeing from where you can arrange this fun. Also, be true to yourself. Are you really made for this exam? Is $1600 too much for you right now? If yes, from where should you arrange the funds?

Those are some financial goals to be answered and met from your end.

Major topics that you must prepare for this exam.

Here is the recent list of the most important CCEI topics you should learn to pass any Spoto CCIE EI Lab exam. 

Network Infrastructure

Under this topic, you grasp the fair knowledge of anything and everything that makes up a network. It can include internet connectivity, business operations at a firm, management of the entire framework and data centers, etc.

It also includes systems, devices, and software. Therefore, you need to be familiar with them. They are the accouterments needed to set up a network across various geographical boundaries. 

A major part of the network infrastructure also comprises routers, servers, user profiles, wireless connections, and more. 

Software Defined Infrastructure

SDI is the concept where you learn the virtualization networking and computation of resources. Then, the security auditors or managers control such resources like software over the server or network. 

In short, SDI allows you to be skillful enough to learn and process IT automation in your company servers/networks. In addition, SDI concepts and principles enable you to manage online and virtual dashboards easily. 

You will learn higher data integrity with the mixed use of workloads over private and public cloud servers. This experience decreases cloud management costs. 

Transport Technologies And Solutions

From this topic, you widely learn how to manage information from Point A to Point B in a defined server. This can be a private or public server. You will also know how to get ahead in transportation technologies if that’s what you are seeking as your expertise. 

You will learn the latest trends in transport technologies. Then, you will practice various problems and solutions in this sector. 

Infrastructure Security And Services

Under this topic, you should learn about the setting up of the security layers over a network. Next, you learn, practice, and experience managing, controlling, directing, and executing different security tasks in a network. 

You will have to find different flaws in a network. Then, you learn how to remove those flaws without messing with the data flow in a defined network. 

With time, you master the art of solving the most complex security issues over a network infrastructure for an enterprise. 

Moving ahead, you get familiar with regular virtual and online threats to your network. Your mentors and experts teach you ways and tools to tackle and block those data theft or breach threats on time.

Your core focus would be on a centralized security system and services for a complex network plan. This knowledge is quite useful when you are in a security management firm handling multiple reputed clients.