Can you get Personal Loans With a Bad Credit Score?


Are you looking to get a loan but have a bad credit score? Well, fret not; you can get a personal loan with bad credit too. In fact, with 13% of Australians having a bad credit score, banks needed to devise systems to ensure people with bad credit scores can also get a personal loan.

So, there are ways to get a personal loan even if you have a bad credit score. Reading this, the article will give you the steps to secure a personal loan with a low credit score.  Plus, you’ll understand why bad credit affects your personal loan application.

Steps to Get a Personal Loan with Low Credit

Buying a home or buying a car needs a personal loan. However, if you have a bad credit score, you might be perplexed about getting a personal loan, isn’t it? So, here are the steps you need to undertake to get a personal loan with bad credit:

Ensure You Check Your Credit

Before you apply for a personal loan, it’s necessary to check your credit score. Generally, lenders have a minimum credit score requirement. Meanwhile, several lenders refuse to give a loan to someone with bad credit. So, it’s best to check if your credit score is accurate. Alternatively, you can try to bring up your credit score.

If your low credit score is accurate, you’ll want to hunt for lenders that are okay with a bad credit score. Also, note that here your interest rates and time of returning the loan will be shorter.

Compare Several Lenders

It’s essential to compare several lenders to get the best rates. This is because some lenders can offer you an opportunity to build your credit or have a mobile application to manage your loan payments. And when you compare several lenders, you’ll be able to get a competitive rate of interest and payment period.

Ensure You Pre-Qualify

When applying for loans, it’s best if you do a pre-qualification. A pre-qualification tells you the rate, loan amount, and repayment terms to expect. As such, several online portals offer these options so that you can ensure your credit score isn’t affected. Plus, this will help you mentally prepare for your loan application. Further, it helps determine whether you are qualified to get a personal loan.

Add Details to Your Application

While applying for a personal loan with low credit scores, it’s helpful to have a secured and co-signed loan. As such, in a co-signed loan, the co-signer’s information and credit are added to the loan. So, if the borrower is unable to pay the loan, the co-signer must bear it.

Meanwhile, secured loans can help you get lower rates or qualify for a loan. In such cases, you give your house or car as collateral. And here, a lender will take over your house, car, or investment account if you’re unable to pay the loan

Apply for the Loan

Ensure you gather all your documents and apply for the loan. Your financial statement, ID proof, credit scores, and other relevant documents might be required. Also, you might be able to procure a loan on the same day, or it might take a few days.

How Bad Credit Score Affects Personal Loan Applications

A bad credit score affects your personal loan application significantly so that you might not be able to secure a loan. However, lenders who provide you with a loan will charge you a higher APR and interest rates. Plus, they might give you less time to pay off the loan.

So, yes, you can get a personal loan with bad credit. As such, ultimately, if you’re in dire need of a loan, you can get it through online portals where some lenders do not mind the bad credit score. But remember to explore your options before securing a loan.