Investment 101: All About Investment Companies


Everybody needs a secondary stream of income. Whether this is through a side-hustle or carefully made investments, it’s important to diversify income streams. A great way of doing so is by investing with an investment company!

Investment companies are a great option if you’re new to trading or don’t have the time for it. They offer a chance to diversify your income without the pressure of having to trade your money. Experts are doing it for you, after all! Here you’ll find the answers to how these companies operate and how they would make you money?

 What Is An Investment Company?

Investment companies are large trusts or corporations that invest pooled resources into the stock market and reap financial rewards.

In simpler terms, it is a group that will take a lot of other people’s money, invest it, and then give them a share of the profit.

It keeps regular people from spending their time researching, investing and allows them to reap the rewards.

The institutions themselves make a lot of money off these funds.

 Types of Investment Companies

There are two significant types of investment companies:

  • Open-End Companies
  • Closed-End Companies

Both types of companies have their advantages, so there is no way one is better than the other. It depends totally on what you are looking to invest in.

Open-End Companies

Open-End companies do not have a specific lock-in period or a maximum amount they can collect. The company issues shares that you can pick up on a different market. You won’t find these stocks on the regular stock market, and there is no leverage involved.

These types of funds also have higher liquidity than closed-end companies! That being said, they don’t offer the same level of stability that closed-end companies do.

Closed-end Companies

For a specific time, the catch with these companies is the lock-in period in the contraction. You can purchase shares only in a given period.

It ensures that your assets remain stable, and it’s a lot easier for managers to diversify your profile when you have closed-end funds. There’s also a much higher return rate with closed-end companies.

 Are Investment Companies For You?

Even investment companies with all their close-ended structures come with risks. There is a significant chance you will lose money or see your income from the investments fall. If these risks are unacceptable to you, do not invest in a company.

However, there are reasons a company might be a great fit for your investing needs:

  • If you’re looking for solid growth in long-term investments
  • An additional income that rises over time
  • An independent board that can protect your interests
  • Unique access to alternative assets like infrastructure that wouldn’t usually be available
  • The flexibility to buy and sell shares through the day

But, even if you’re willing to take the risk, there might be reasons you can’t opt-in for an investment fund.

  • You’re looking for investments in a time frame of fewer than five years.
  • You expect and require a guaranteed return.
  • You’re expecting a guaranteed and stable income.
  • You can’t handle the risks that come with gearing and discounts.
  • You want an investment where the price matches the value of the asset.

 Wrapping Up

Investment companies are a great option if you’re looking into long term returns and don’t have the time to do it all yourself. Once you choose the right investment company for your specific needs, you can watch your money grow as the experts do what they know best!