How Do I Choose the Best Self Storage Facility in My Local Area?


It’s a common refrain among contemporary adults. They own too much stuff. It’s so common there is even a movement around the problem called decluttering.

Of course, part of the problem lies with the reality that not all stuff is junk. Not all possessions lend themselves to decluttering.

For example, you might not really have room for that giant, expensive drone your sibling got you for Christmas. Yet, you can’t just offload it at the first opportunity. Situations like that are part of the reason why people get self storage units.

So, how do you find the best self storage in your area? Keep reading for some ideas to help guide your choice.

Unit Sizes

Before you go out and get a unit, you need a sense of how much room you need. In other words, you must gather up the things you plan on storing and get a rough guess about square footage. Once you know that, you know the minimum storage unit size you need.

Different facilities will offer different storage unit dimensions. The best facility is the one that offers a unit in the size you need.

Types of Storage Units

There are two main types of self storage units: climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled. You must evaluate the things you plan on storing and decide if they can survive without climate control. Things like tools, dishes, and plastic or metal furniture will usually survive fine in non-climate controlled units.

If you want to store papers, books, antique furniture, or instruments, you need a climate-controlled unit to preserve them.


You must also consider the facility’s proximity to your home. If you’ll need things out of that storage unit on a regular basis, you’ll want a unit that’s close to home. If you’ll visit it twice a year, proximity matters a lot less.


Some storage unit facilities are basically open lots that almost anyone can access. Other’s use fencing, cameras, and electronic access control. If you’re worried that your stuff is valuable enough to steal, you’ll want a place with good security measures in place.


The cost for a unit can vary wildly from facility to facility and based on your unit size and type. Comparison shopping will help you find a unit that meets your needs and fits your budget. If you need a climate-controlled unit, though, expect to pay more.

Picking the Best Self Storage for You

Picking the best self storage for your needs hinges on several factors. The size and type of unit will play a big role. If you need a climate-controlled unit, you’ll find fewer options.

If you need a unit that you can access each week, you’ll end up limited by the units that are within easy driving distance. The level of security you want will also help make your decision. Of course, the overall cost of the unit may ultimately make the choice for you.

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