How Much Can You Expect From a Construction Salary?

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Construction is tough work, but a construction salary makes it all worth it.

Seeking out construction work isn’t hard to do, especially if you’re willing to travel. Cities all over the country are constantly under development – roads are torn up, buildings are erected, houses are built, etc.

There’s no shortage of work and the pay can be great. That said, there are many different kinds of “construction” work. Different jobs require different skills and salaries reflect that.

In this post, we’re going to tell you how much you can expect from a construction salary. Keep reading and we’ll help you get a better sense of what you might want to do and how much you could make doing it.

How Much Do Construction Workers Make?

According to US News, the median construction industry salary in 2020 was around $37,000. The top construction workers made well over $50,000 and the lowest-paid made $30,000.

The factors that determine how much you can make as a construction worker are things like location, experience, and training. You’re going to make more when you’re working on big development projects in large cities. If you’ve been at it for many years and have courses under your belt, your salary will increase even more.

The Different Jobs Within Construction

There are many different jobs under the umbrella of construction. If you’re trained on heavy machinery equipment, like the loaders and excavators from Stone Equipment, then you’re putting yourself in line for better compensation.

These things require skill and experience to operate – something that an entry-level construction worker might not have. When you think about a more high-risk job, as a crane operator, you’re looking at one of the highest salaries for a construction worker.

So, it’s up to you to decide how far you want to take your construction career. You may start out as a general laborer, then slowly transition through training and experience into a specialist that operates machines. As you progress through your career, you’ll make more and more money.

Benefits of Working In Construction

Working in construction gives you numerous benefits, on top of a great salary. One is that there are loads of jobs available, so once you decide to become a construction worker, you can start making good money pretty quickly.

Another is that you can travel. Because there’s work available all over the place, you can move around and experience the joys of living in different cities. For a young person, this can be an invaluable life experience.

There’s also a comradery with construction workers. You may meet lifelong friends working on particular projects – various people from different walks of life.

Making the Most of Your Construction Salary

Now that you know what a construction salary might look like, you can start looking for a new job. One of the great perks of working in construction is that you don’t need much prior training. Once you’re on-site, your foreman and coworkers will show you the ropes and teach you how to make a great career from the ground up.

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