How Much Does It Cost to Rent the Smallest Dumpster?


Your contractor has just completed the much-anticipated kitchen remodel. Everyone is gushing about how great the kitchen looks after the repair. Ooh! The excitement is palpable.

Something is missing. Everyone seems to have forgotten the pile of waste from the remodel lying in your yard. It’s not much, but you need a way to get rid of it before it becomes an eyesore.

Enter waste haulers or dumpster rental companies. Before finding where to rent a dumpster, you probably need to figure out how much it costs to rent the smallest container.

4 Cubic Yard Dumpster

The national average cost of hiring a 4-yard dumpster lies in the $75-$190 range. A 4-yard dumpster is available from some dumpster rental firms. That means the upfront cost might be higher given the lower supply. As a result, it might not be a cost-effective option.

What would happen if the amount of waste you need to dispose of exceeds the carrying capacity of a 4-yard dumpster? Return trips are likely to cost more, thereby making the choice of the smallest dumpster counterintuitive.

A 10-yard dumpster is ideal and cost-effective for various small projects. It’s also the smallest size you will likely find from most rental companies.

The rental cost of a 10-yard dumpster is rough $250-$350 across the U.S. But, other factors affect the overall cost. Let me walk you through some of them.

Location and Disposal Fees

How far is your home from the nearest landfill? A transfer location located further away means having to dig deeper into your pockets for a dumpster rental because the waste hauler would have to cover more ground from your home to the landfill. With that in mind, it’s only logical to assume that fuel surcharges would be on the cards if your home is further away.

Other than that, if you live in a metropolis, expect to pay a tidy sum compared to someone in the countryside. Why? Operational costs in a significant city tend to be higher than in small towns, and a rental company would factor these in your quote.

Plus, how much are the local disposal fees in your area? Chances are, the dumpster company may also include such fees in your estimate.

Rental Period

Typically, you can hire a dumpster for up to a week. But what would happen if you exceeded the time allotted in the estimate? Expect surcharge or overage fees as part of the overall cost.

Overage fees vary wildly but generally start from $60 and exceed the $100 mark per ton. Some companies charge daily late fees in the $10-$20 range, but this varies from provider to provider.

Carefully go over your quote to understand what it entails to avoid unexpected charges. Also, find out from your dumpster provider how much more you’d have to fork out for exceeding the included tonnage.

The Company You Choose

Some rental companies will only quote a base price for hiring a dumpster. Before you know it, they’ve tacked on extra fees such as delivery charges and pick-up costs, which inevitably can add up to a surprisingly high figure. In effect, we can’t authoritatively say that the overall cost would be x or y bucks.

Select a company that provides all-inclusive pricing upfront. The estimate you get should consider the rental period, your location, tonnage, delivery, and pick-up. No hidden charges. No-fuss. No surprises.

What extras does the company offer? Does the waste hauler provide protection boards to keep the dumpster wheels from ruining your driveway? Do they sweep some of the debris that falls off? It might not seem like much, but it can help you a world of good.

Weight Limit

A dumpster company’s price structure may also be based on weight. Thus, the higher the tonnage of your waste, the more you are likely to pay. Find out how much your provider charges if they adopt such a pricing approach. Other firms could charge by the amount of space your debris takes up, implying you only get to pay for what you intend to dispose of.

All in all, the cost of renting the smallest dumpster isn’t as clear-cut as it initially seemed, right? Generally, it would be best to consider other factors before opting for the dumpster you have in mind. All factors considered ensuring the dumpster you go for is the best fit for the job.