Jewelry Trends: Pieces of Jewelry That Are In vs Outdated


If there’s one constant in the world of fashion, it’s that nothing is constant. Trends, colors, styles, and accessories cycle in and out in a never-ending state of flux from season to season. When it comes to jewelry, this presents a unique problem, as every piece tends to be an investment. (Assuming you don’t use cheap plastic jewelry and contribute to the fast fashion crisis, anyway.)

So, how can you tell which pieces of jewelry will be worth your money, and which you’ll want to thrift away before the end of the season? We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the trends, and are here to tell you what’s on its way in and out.

Thin, Delicate Rings? So Last Season

For a while, everyone wore thin, delicate-looking rings that they could stack on their fingers without it looking too busy. Of course, that was also their biggest problem. You needed tons of those tiny rings to make a real impact on your look. (And if you were purchasing real gold and silver, that would ger expensive in a hurry.)

What to Wear Instead: Chunky Rings

This year, however, we’re welcoming the advent of the chunky ring. Whether you prefer masculine or feminine clothes, these thick rings will make a serious impact on any outfit you wear. These jewelry designs feel campy, yet incredibly modern. Don’t hesitate to give them a try.

Throw Out the Generic, Copy-Paste Pieces of Jewelry

Remember when everyone would rush to the store to buy the exact same jewelry styles they saw on models on TV and in magazines? Remember how, after a few weeks, everyone would have the same (or very similar) accessories that they sported in one of five different combinations?

Spare us the monotony. We’re done with jewelry looking so samey.

Welcome to the Era of Personalization

Instead, we’re throwing open our arms to the era of personalization. Special engravings, unique color combinations, off-color gemstones, you name it. Whether you’re helping to bring back charm-laden jewelry or want to show your devotion to your star sign, personal jewelry gives a flavor that’s uniquely you to your outfit.

Plus, it gives you the chance to invest in skilled artisans, rather than buying another factory-printed piece. How cool is that?

No More Barely-There Earrings

Hey, we get it. In the past, employers have made it difficult to work with piercings. Even something as prosaic as pierced ears can be a cause for debate or concern with your boss. However, unless you work somewhere with moving machinery, there’s no need for you to go earring-less. Nor do you need to relegate yourself to tiny studs.

It’s Time to Let Your Ears Make a Statement

For this year, we’re letting our ears really speak out. All the trending jewelry this year goes for big, bold, chunky, artistic statement pieces. No more basic hoops, delicate studs, or thin chandeliers. This year, we want bright colors, sculptural weight, and attention-drawing shapes hanging from our ears.

Time to Ditch the Choker and Bib Necklace

The close choker look of the nineties and the bib necklace proved strange bedfellows over the past year. However, both pieces of jewelry have seen their moment in the sun set at last. Sorry, nineties kids- those days are over, and they’re never coming back. We don’t need the close-cut leather or fabric chokers anymore.

Nor do we need the massive, overdone stylings of the bib necklace. Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking we’re Cleopatra because we walk around wearing a necklace that would look at home on her.

Delicate, Layered Necklaces Are Our Thing

Instead of going for big necklaces with a chokehold, we’re looking to layer several more delicate pieces. That’s right, the trend we were using for our fingers has now migrated to our necklines. You can combine this trend with several others, including charms, chains, and personalization to create some really unique looks.

We’re Over the Oversized Cuffs

The oversized leather cuff will always have its place in certain circles. As will any massive cuff intended to weigh down on the wrist. However, that trend has passed. One piece of jewelry isn’t enough.

Bring Back the Bangles

Instead, what we want to see is stacks on stacks of bangles. As with the necklace trend, we’re swapping out the chunky, too-large sizes for something slimmer, but layered. If you’re ready to stock up on slim bangles to capitalize on this trend, check out our friends at wholesale accessories usa for some awesome pieces you can use.

Minimize the Tab on Minimalism

The pared-down stylings of minimalism came on the heels of a need to curb our overconsumption. It started as an act of protest against excess and luxury. And then we had to spend a year living in those barren surroundings, wearing those dull accessories. Suddenly, the simplified look lost its luster.

Pump Maximalism Up to the Max

Minimalism is dead to the jewelry world. We’re all about maximalism. It needs to be big, bold, and make as much of a statement as possible. We’re done blending in with the background and everyone else. As we return to the public, it’s time to make every piece a head-turner.

Mix Up Your Metals

Remember that old rule about never mixing your metal tones? Throw that out the window. The most popular pieces of jewelry for the upcoming year revel in mixing yellow and silver tones. Enjoy playing around with mixed metal looks while the trend lasts, because we’ll soon come back to the classic monotones.

Looking for More Hot Jewelry Trends to Follow?

Now that you have an idea of what pieces of jewelry might be worth your money, you may wonder what else lies ahead for trending jewelry. If you’d like to keep your finger on the pulse of fashion, then why not check out our blog? We update each day with more helpful, informative articles like this one!