3 Workplace Design Trends Shaping the Offices of Tomorrow


The Great Resignation has made it difficult for employers to fill vacant positions.

People are quitting their jobs despite employers offering better wages and benefits. Companies are now brainstorming how to make work life more convenient for their employees.

Employers are now considering shorter work days and weeks with flexible working hours.

Employees barely work in offices these days due to the rise in remote work. So, companies are reconfiguring their office space to attract workers into the workplace.

New workplace design trends are addressing the vacant office space and rolling resignations.

Employers are shifting their perception of what a productive workspace looks like. Companies realize employee productivity increases when the workplace addresses their employees’ needs.

Take a look at three workplace design trends that are shaping the office of tomorrow.

Co-Working Space

Co-working space is a workplace design concept that was around before the pandemic. It saves entrepreneurs money, so they do not have to lease office space independently.

Co-working spaces charge a membership to access all the office space features.

Companies have adopted the concept of co-working space to keep employees engaged. The perks of a co-working space are the open design concept and ample collaboration space.

Employees can work from anywhere in the building where Wi-Fi is available.

There are no assigned offices, and rooms are reserved for private meetings. Co-working space makes employees feel connected to the office and their colleagues.

Hoteling Office Design

Hoteling office space is for the hybrid worker who travels to the office a few times a week. These are small offices and cubicles that are set up like traditional office spaces.

The purpose of hoteling space is for employees to have access to an isolated workspace when they need it.

The employee does not have to be burdened with having an office. Employees can work without interruptions from their colleagues or visits from the janitor. Employees can reserve office space beforehand or pick a vacant office upon arrival.

Employees have the freedom to work at their leisure without feeling restricted.

Parent and Me Office Furniture

Office furniture has been designed to accommodate the working parent. This furniture resembles a small playpen adjoined to a cubicle.

Parents can work in the office without missing special moments with their children.

This furniture has to be cleaned regularly because children tend to carry germs. Clean offices and furniture help cut down outbreaks that can interrupt work production.

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Updated Workplace Design Trends

The pandemic shed a light on the outdated practices and designs of the workplace. Workplace design trends must catch up to the needs of the modern employee.

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