4 Important Tips for Deep Cleaning a Commercial Office Space

holding cleaning products and tools on bucket, close up

Did you know that work desks are 400 times dirtier than toilet seats? That can create problems for the employees who are working.

That is why cleanliness is so important when running a business. A strategy of deep cleaning a commercial office every month can help prevent the spread of illnesses to employees.

Here, we’ve put together a list of cleaning tips for commercial offices that will help employees stay healthy. If you want to make sure your employees are safe, keep reading.

1. Schedule Deep Cleaning

After-hours and weekends are the best times to schedule a deep cleaning for your commercial office space. There will be less foot traffic and you won’t have to worry about disrupting your employees’ workdays.

It will take care of all the nooks and crannies that your regular cleaning staff may not have time to get to. This will ensure that your office is clean and presentable for clients and customers.

2. Make a Cleaning Plan

Without a plan, it can be easy to miss areas or overlook problem areas. To make a cleaning plan, start by mapping out each area of the office. Once you have a map, you can start to identify which areas need to be cleaned and in what order.

Make sure to include all rooms, closets, bathrooms, and common areas in your plan. Break the cleaning down into smaller tasks so that it is less overwhelming.

Assign each task to a specific day or time so that you can keep track of your progress. Finally, make sure to schedule regular cleanings to keep the office looking its best.

3. Stock Up on the Right Cleaning Supplies

To deep clean a commercial office space, you need to stock up on the right cleaning supplies. This includes a vacuum cleaner with attachments, a mop and bucket, cleaning cloths, and a dustpan and brush.

If you have hard floor surfaces, you’ll also need a floor cleaner and buffer. To clean carpets, you’ll need a carpet cleaner and shampoo. With the right supplies, you can tackle any cleaning job, no matter how big or small.

4. Clean Hard-To-Reach Places

This includes wiping down surfaces that may have accumulated dust, such as ceiling fans and light fixtures. Other areas that often get overlooked are windows. This can become stained and difficult to see through if they’re not cleaned regularly.

Consider hiring professional deep cleaning services by Atlfatherandsonscleaning.com. They have the experience and manpower to quickly and thoroughly. By taking the time to clean all surfaces, you’ll create a healthier and more productive work environment for everyone.

Clean and Healthy Workplace

Following these deep cleaning tips for commercial office space will ensure that the job is done right and that your office looks its best. Taking the extra time to do a deep clean now will pay off in the long run. It keeps your office looking great and running smoothly.

Do you want to see more helpful tips you can use right now? Check our frequently updated blog to learn more cleaning secrets.