5 Common Commercial Roof Repairs


Do you manage or own a commercial building? If you do, you know that maintaining it is a top priority. The staff, as well as customers who visit the building, should be safe.

One of the areas you need to focus on is the roof. It’s important to look out for roof issues. The last thing you want is to experience a roof collapse that leads to injuries.

If you notice any roof issues, you’ll need to make the right roof repairs. Read on to learn about five common commercial roof repairs.

1. Roof Leak Repairs

You don’t want to have a leaky roof. At the first sign of a leaky roof, you must take action. Signs to look for include pooling of water, stains, and the presence of mold.

Repairing a roof leak is a must. If you fail to repair it, you might find yourself facing more roof issues in the future.

Older roofs are more prone to leaks. If your building has an old roof, it’s best to be proactive and schedule regular inspections.

It’s also important to note that leaks are common on a flat roof. If you have this issue, you’ll need to call a roof repair company that offers flat roof repairing services.

2. Shingle Issues

Assess the condition of your roof’s shingles. If you find any issues with the shingles, you’ll need to have them replaced.

Keep in mind that shingles are your first point of contact for the weather. Your shingles have to be in excellent condition. If your shingles are in bad shape, they won’t be able to keep your building dry and warm.

3. Punctures

Punctures are another issue that requires commercial roof repairs. Roof punctures can result in small holes. The holes can cause significant damage to your roof and building.

The holes can allow moisture to seep in throughout the rafters. Moisture can also make its way into the ceiling joists. Don’t wait until the holes get bigger to fix the problem.

4. Poor Roof Installation

Roof issues can arise due to poor installation. If this is the case with your roof, you might experience blistering and leaks. Your roof will have a reduced lifespan too.

This can compromise the integrity of your roof. As an owner of the building, you can be held liable for injuries that occur because of a faulty roof. Don’t let this happen to you.

5. Tree Damage

Trees boost your commercial space’s curb appeal. On the downside, trees might not always be good for commercial roofs.

Heavy tree branches that fall can open holes in the roof. Holes in the roof can cause water to seep in when it rains. Holes are also an opening for pests like raccoons to go in and make a nest.

If you have any of these roof issues, you need to hire the best roof repair company. Visit mscroofsystems.com to learn about the services provided by Mid-State Roofing, Inc.

Beware of These Five Common Commercial Roof Repairs

These are five common commercial roof repairs you need to consider. Don’t neglect any signs that alert you to a roof issue. You must act right away.

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