5 Ways to Improve Uber Rider Rating and Get Better Drivers


Ride-sharing apps like Uber have completely changed the way we travel. But do you know how Uber driver ratings are put in place, or how you can improve your rider rating?

There’s a lot to the Uber app that many riders probably don’t know about. Some riders get to experience a bad rider rating. Accumulating a bad Uber rider rating is more than just getting in a bad car, it’s about having an unpleasant experience as a passenger.

To ensure a pleasant ride-booking experience, keep reading to learn how to improve your Uber rating, ensuring only the best drivers pick you up.

1. Be on Time for Your Pickup

If you’re looking to improve your Uber passenger rating, one of the best ways is to ensure you’re always on time or even early for your pickup. This will show that you are a reliable Uber passenger.

There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you’re never late for your Uber. You can set an alarm on your phone for your desired pickup, and turn it off once you’re in the car.

Request your ride at least 5 minutes before you need to be picked up. If you know you’ll need to take a few minutes to get ready, order your Uber a few minutes earlier than you need it. Be ready and wait when the driver arrives.

2. Have Your Location and Destination Ready

As an Uber rider, you can improve your rating and get better Uber drivers by having your location and destination ready. There are some steps to take to make sure you’re ready to go. Make sure you know your current location and is accurately pinpointed on the map.

Then have your destination in mind and enter your destination into the app. If you’re not sure of the exact address, have an intersection or landmark ready, or ask a nearby friend or stranger.

Make sure to monitor the time and plan your trip accordingly. If you think you’re going to be cutting it close, try to hail an Uber a few blocks away from your actual destination. Taking this small step can make a big difference in the rating that the driver gives you.

3. Be Polite to Your Driver

Being polite to your Uber driver is one of the most important. There are a few tips on how to be a good Uber passenger. Be polite by saying please and thank you, and not slamming the door when you get in or out of the car.

Being polite also includes not being rowdy or disruptive, and respecting the car and belongings inside. You can do this by not being a backseat driver telling where to go and how to get there. Try to relax and let them do their job.

Riders should be considerate of the route and not ask to take detours or make unnecessary stops. Also, riders should avoid trying to engage in any illegal activities including ordering drugs or alcohol.

You can leave a positive review to help other riders know that you enjoyed your experience on a ride.

4. Buckling up Is Always Your Best Bet

One way to improve your Uber rider rating is to always buckle up. Not only is it the law in most places, but it also shows that you are a considerate rider.

Seat belts are the best way to protect yourself and your passengers in the event of a collision. Not only will it help you avoid Uber accidents, but it will also show that you’re a good passenger.

If you’re not sure how to buckle up, just ask your driver for help or look up a quick tutorial online. Taking this small step can make a big difference in your rating and in getting better Uber drivers. Take note that your rider can rate you for this.

If you met an accident, you will be safe by following this very essential safety riding requirement. So when it comes to car accident cases, you won’t have some problems at all about claims. Make sure to follow more helpful tips to be a good rider and avoid insurance denials.

5. Keep Your Belongings Tidy

You can keep your belongings tidy and organized to improve your rating by investing in a small trash bag or container. This way, you can collect any trash that accumulates during your trip, and dispose of it when you reach your destination. Another option is to bring along a small towel or cloth to wipe up any messes that occur inside the car.

Also, put your belongings away in a safe place, such as a backpack or purse, and keep them out of the way of the driver. You can avoid leaving trash or belongings scattered around the car.

Don’t be a messy rider because nobody wants to deal with a passenger who’s making a mess in the car. Be mindful of your food and drinks, and try to keep things clean before leaving. You can do this by picking up after yourself and not leaving any trash behind.

Not only will this make your trip more pleasant for both you and your driver, but it can also help to ensure that you receive better service in the future.

Follow These Guides to Increase Your Uber Rider Rating

There are ways you can do to increase your Uber rider rating and get better drivers. Be on time for your pickup and have your location and destination ready to avoid conflicts with the driver. Also, be always polite and respectful, keep your belongings tidy and always buckle up when you get in the car.

When you follow these tips, you should see a difference in the quality of your Uber rides. Drivers will be more likely to give you a higher Uber rider rating, and you’ll get to experience the best that Uber has to offer.

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