Careers in Beauty: Finding the Best Opportunities in the Industry


The beauty industry is worth more than $511 billion, and it’s going to continue growing as more careers in beauty become available for people to fill. Have you considered starting your beauty career?

If so, the first thing you need to do is research the different types of careers in the industry that will work the best for you and your skillset. When it comes to working in the beauty industry, here are the opportunities you might find to be the best to pursue.

Beauty Blogging/Vlogger

The world of social media influencers has increased as many people go on the internet to find tutorials about everything from doing hair to applying makeup. If you enjoy makeup, why not make money off showing others the best products to use and how to apply them?

Even though this is social media, you still need to ensure you’ve been trained to provide the best advice possible. For example, if you’re creating a video about lip blush application, having lip blush training will help you give out the most accurate tips possible.

Providing quality advice to your followers will increase your reputation in the industry, which means a higher chance that beauty brands will come your way to work with you.

Hair Stylist

There’s nothing better than going to the beauty salon and being pampered for a few hours, so why not become a hair stylist? Being a hairdresser might not seem like it will bring in tons of money, but that’s not true.

It depends on your skillset and the services you can provide to your clients. If you’ve not received enough training, you can find a salon that will allow you to gain on-job training before you begin taking on clients on your own.

The best way to become a better hairstylist is through hands-on experience.


Do you love all things that have to do with skincare and overall health and wellness? If so, you might consider a beauty career as an esthetician.

Estheticians can do a variety of things, including:

  • Application of permanent makeup
  • Laser hair removal
  • Body wraps
  • Skincare application

You could apply for several esthetician opportunities, such as working in a spa setting. Some programs take less than a year for you to earn your certification.

Makeup Artist

If you still enjoy makeup but don’t want to be a beauty blogger, you can make money as a makeup artist. The fantastic thing about being a makeup artist is that you can provide your services to clients for weddings, movies, television shows, and more.

There will never be a time that someone won’t need the makeup services you offer.

Careers in Beauty to Consider

There are tons of careers in beauty that you might consider applying for. There’s something for everyone, from being a makeup artist to getting trained as a licensed esthetician.

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