The Brief and Only Employee Hiring Guide That You’ll Ever Need


Small business owners are the backbone of the U.S. economy, creating more than 64% of new jobs each year. But for many of those business owners, hiring trustworthy employees can be the most challenging task they face.

When you get hundreds of applications for each new position, you may not have time to sort through each one. You need to find a way to streamline your recruitment efforts.

The employee hiring process looks different for every company in every industry. But there are a few things you can do to simplify your hiring efforts so you can attract the best talent each time you have a new opening.

Here’s what you need to do to hire new team members with confidence.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Before you start making new job postings or taking applications, make sure your business is ready to take on those new employees.

Look at your budget and make sure you have enough cash flow to pay your new team members’ salaries for the foreseeable future. Consider how your current operations run and whether a new employee is needed.

If you decide that hiring new employees is the right move, look at your insurance coverage.

Make sure you have enough general liability insurance and workers comp for staffing changes. This will protect you from unexpected lawsuits while giving your employees financial support if they get injured on the job. Further, workers compensation insurance is required for all businesses with more than two employees on their rosters.

Create Detailed Job Postings

The easiest way to attract applicants that will turn into the best employees is to write a detailed job posting for every position you’re filling. Take your time and clearly define the role, the responsibilities, the benefits, and any upward mobility for each position.

If you can, include the salary for the position, do it. Top-tier talent will be more likely to apply to your positions if you’re transparent about the starting pay.

Ask for Referrals

Believe it or not, the best way to hire for new openings is to ask your employees if they know of anyone that would be a great fit. Remember, your team knows the job better than you do. They perform those responsibilities each day and they’ll be better equipped to help you find talent that will do the job well.

Keep in mind that you’ll still want to review each referral’s application in detail. Schedule interviews with the applicants that seem the most promising and hire the ones that will be the best fit for your team.

The Employee Hiring Process Is Simple

As a small business owner, you depend on your employees to keep your company running well. As long as you keep these employee hiring tips in mind, you’ll be able to choose talent that fits your business’s needs and aligns with your company values.

Once you have a reliable team on staff, you’ll want to think about promoting from within.

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