Tips for Choosing the Right Rifle Parts


You’re ready to build or modify your first weapon. You head to the store with a clear vision in mind. But when you show up, you realize there’s a huge problem: there are a ton of rifle parts, and you have no idea which ones to buy.

When it comes to a precision machine like a rifle, it’s only as strong as its weakest link. Every part of the rifle, from the bolt-action rifle parts to the stock, plays a pivotal role in overall performance.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know when you go shopping for rifle parts.

Purchase From Well-Known Brands

Just take a cursory glance at your local gun shop, and you’ll see a long list of brands. Remington, S&W, Glock. With so many to choose from, it may seem impossible to make a decision.

An important rule to go for is purchasing from established brands. Some brands are hundreds of years old, and as such have perfected their expertise.

As the saying goes, “We stand on the backs of giants.” An established brand has perfected the art of making weaponry over generations. Newer companies cannot hope to attain that level of quality.

If you’ve heard of the brand, that’s usually a good sign. Springfield, Colt, and Winchester are all experts in their respective niches. You can’t go wrong whether you buy from America’s Savage Arms, or Germany’s Heckler and Koch.

Buy From Reputable and Legitimate Sellers

Like gun manufacturers, gun vendors also have to earn their reputation. Even if they just have rifle brass for sale, they’ve had to prove their prowess and knowledge to the gun community. Anyone familiar with the gun community knows it’s one of the most knowledgeable communities in the world.

For starters, look for reviews. The gun community won’t give any quarter to someone who doesn’t know their stuff. If there’s an issue with the vendor in question, the reviews will bring it to light.

Visit your vendor in person, if possible. Talk to them, ask questions, and see how they handle weapons. Even if you’re not terribly familiar with all of this, competence is something that shows.

If You’re Buying Used, Get the Gun’s Pedigree

Buying used parts of a rifle is a great way to get quality for lower prices. Well-made rifle parts can last a lifetime, so there’s no need to worry that you’re getting something that’s subpar.

What matters more is how well the previous owner cared for their weapon. Did they clean it thoroughly after every trip to the range? Did they oil it, scrub the barrel rifling, and tighten the stock?

Look for owners that talk about their weapons with passion. Owners who own large amounts of guns are a plus. If they’re parting ways with a particular part, it’s only because they didn’t use it or had the space to keep it.

This establishes honesty with your buyer. You can rest assured that they won’t lie to you. They feel indebted to the gun community, and wouldn’t dare lead a newbie astray for quick cash.

Ask the Gun Community

As mentioned above, the gun community is one of the most passionate in the world. You’d struggle to find a similar group of people who know their gear better. These are folks that not only shoot their guns, but read deep into the history to understand their origins.

There are a ton of gun forums all over the internet. Most of them include a help section or an online market.

There is no better place than a gun forum if you want to get a second opinion. Ask about a certain part, and people who eat and breathe weapons will give detailed responses.

If that forum includes a marketplace, then untrustworthy sellers won’t have much luck. Knowledgeable owners will pick their offerings to pieces if anything is wrong with them.

Make friends in the gun community. It never hurts to network, and you never know when that could benefit you in the future. If you find someone who has a similar weapon to you, then they might be willing to give you a used part for less.

If not that, then you have an expert on call as needed.

Make Sure Your Rifle Parts Are Compatible

To a novice, it may seem like the AR-15 and the AR-10 only have minor differences between them. However, these are two entirely different platforms, and several of their key components are incompatible.

The point is, you need to have your rifle parts labeled. You need to be 100% sure that your platform supports whichever part you’ve purchased, or you’ll be short quite a bit of money.

Research the rifle diagram parts to get an idea of what your rifle looks like. This may include information about which components it supports.

Again, turn to your rifle community. Simply asking which bolt action rifle parts to purchase for your Remington will give you accurate answers. The community always has your back and tends to be friendly to novices.

It’s Time to Purchase New Rifle Parts

Buying rifle parts can be a stressful experience if you’re new to gun ownership. However, even the greenest of novices have a wealth of tools to help them make the right decisions. Make sure you keep the above in mind to inform yourself before making a purchase.

Getting into gun collecting is an exciting hobby. Check out our blog for more tips on gun ownership.