What Is Split System Air Conditioning?

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In the UK, the heatwave surpassed 40 degrees Celsius this summer for the first time. Keep your home cool with a split system air conditioning unit. Read more if you’d like to learn about split system air conditioning tips.

In this guide, you’ll get the answer to your question, “What is split system air conditioning?” You’ll also learn about the importance of finding a reputable contractor.

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Defining a Split Air Conditioner

Split air conditioner systems have an exterior compressor and an indoor unit. Different from systems with ductwork, your split air uses pipes to connect the units. That’s why the system gets called a ductless mini-split AC unit.

Refrigerant moves through the copper pipes and cycles through the system. The refrigerant will generate cool or warm air.

A split system has a high ENERGY STAR rating. You can enjoy more energy efficiency in your home and lower your monthly power bill.

Some homeowners will choose an air unit if it’s time to replace their older system. Look at getting a split air conditioner unit if it’s time for a new system.

Straightforward Installation Process

A home that doesn’t have ductwork will be the perfect candidate for a split air conditioner. You won’t incur extra costs to install new ductwork in all the rooms.

A single system can perform optimally in a smaller area. Using it with other sources will help make your entire home feel more comfortable.

Another benefit of a split AC unit is expanding your system by adding extra air outlets to other rooms.

Each air outlet will have a thermostat responsible for turning up or down. This kind of system’s called a multi-split air conditioner installation.

You need copper tubing that connects the air outlet to the outside compressor.

A split air conditioning unit isn’t complicated to install. Yet, you’ll want to hire a professional contractor to finish this job for you.

After setting up the outdoor and indoor units, the engineer will need to install the pipework from both units. They also need to make sure the holes will get sealed and the pipes are sturdy and in place.

Enjoy a Quiet System

Homeowners love the split air conditioning unit because of the quiet hum. The noisy part of the AC, like the condenser and fan, is located in the exterior unit.

The quiet part of the AC unit is indoors. Keep your home cool from the heatwave, without all the noise.

Flexible Options

Another benefit of a split air conditioning unit is you can heat or cool down rooms with multiple units. You can change the temperatures of your different rooms. Use your thermostat and a remote to control the temperature.

You will also save money on your electrical bill because you can monitor the temperature.

How Do You Pick a Split Air Conditioning Unit?

You can buy a split air conditioning system from a company that sells AC units. Some retailers specialize in AC units, and you can buy from them or a home improvement store.

Pick the right-sized AC unit for your home. Make sure before you go shopping that you have the correct sizing information. You might want to speak with a specialist.

The private certified contractor will come to your home and determine the sizing.

You need to choose the right sized unit, so you don’t waste money on an inefficient system. Homeowners increased their utility bills because they chose the wrong unit size.

Work with a contractor or specialist to help you determine the correct size unit. Research the different units and find out more about their energy efficiency.

Installation Issues to Avoid

When you pick your system, you’ll want to ensure you’ve hired a professional installer. Otherwise, you’ll end up with many issues from a poor installation.

For example, some systems won’t end up cooling or heating a home to its potential. Since the split AC unit isn’t working efficiently, you might see a significant hike in your monthly utility bill.

Appliances not appropriately installed will end up breaking down sooner. Lengthen the lifespan of your investment by choosing a reputable contractor. You also should look at servicing the unit throughout the year.

Protect Your New Home Investment

Learn about your new split system air conditioning unit. This way, you can protect your investment.

Understand that if you pick someone who isn’t licensed, you could void your system’s warranty. A voided warranty will mean you won’t be able to get help if your system fails from a malfunction.

Ensure the person performing the installation has a license to work with refrigerants. Look into air conditioner servicing.

Impress Future Home Buyers

You will enjoy your new split system unit, but you’ll also potentially impress future home buyers.

Home buyers want to find a home that’s energy-efficient and easy to maintain. You should show future home buyers a maintenance log from your AC unit.

What Is Split System Air Conditioning?

Do you have the answer to your question, “What is split system air conditioning?” Look at working with a licensed contractor when it comes time to install the unit. Look at getting the most energy-efficient unit.

Make sure you also have someone measure the size of your home, so you choose the right-sized unit.

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