5 Practical Tips for Dealing With Family Problems


They say you can’t choose your family. While this may be true, you certainly can choose whether to associate with toxic family members, just as you can choose how to resolve familial disputes. Over the course of the past year, family members are arguing more than ever, often with disastrous and lasting consequences.

In order to protect yourself and to reach the best outcome for everyone, the right family problems advice can make the world of difference. If you are looking for tried-and-tested tips for quickly and effectively resolving common family issues, we have got you covered. No matter your family situation, check out our top tips for meeting problems head-on.

1. Household Living Disputes

For millions of us, we are living with our family members and spending more time than ever with them. This naturally gives rise to seemingly minor household living disputes that can quickly spiral out of control. As the case of neglected dishes or trash can quickly become an explosive fight with lasting consequences. Avoid this by setting equitable and rigid rules for co-living and responsibility-sharing. Never let your frustrations to build and encourage open (yet mindful) dialogue to make living together easier.

2. Financial Worries

All families have financial worries from time to time. However, not all families learn how to handle them the right way. It is important to be open about money with someone that you really trust in your family and have a healthy relationship with, such as your spouse. If you have money problems that could affect others in your family, you need to be honest and let them know. From here, you should come from a place of cooperation, with a genuine willingness to work together to get your finances back on track.

3. Visitation

Divorce, death, parental disagreements relocations, and marriages happen in every family and can significantly impact your ability to see other family members. For example, a divorce in the family could mean that a grandparent suddenly loses access to a beloved grandchild. Visitation is serious business, so in cases like this, it is often advised to speak to a family lawyer about grandparents rights. The legal route might not be the most pleasant one, but it is often the best way to draw a line in the sand and get things done.

4. Betrayal

Any betrayal, however you perceive it, is hurtful. This could be infidelity, or serial dishonesty, or even theft by a family member. When this happens, you do not need to repair the relationship at all costs. You must seek outside, professional help and advice on whether the relationship is worth salvaging. It most often is, but forgiving a toxic family member can lead to repeated cycles of pain and abuse that you do not deserve. Consider speaking to a therapist or medical professional to help you weigh up this sensitive situation.

5. Addiction

Addiction is one of the worst problems that can befall a family, but it is also very common, affecting tens of millions of people in America alone. If you or a family member is suffering from addiction, they need professional help and support. Consider staging an intervention and consider options for rehab if necessary. Remember, addicts can do horrible things to the people they love, so do not put yourself or your loved ones at risk if an addicted family member is acting dangerously.

Expert Family Problems Advice at Your Fingertips

The right family problems advice depends strongly on the issues you are facing. While this piece scratches the surface, you might need to go deeper. For this, make sure to consult our dedicated Family & Relationship guides for trustworthy tips for the most important people in your life.