Filing Workers’ Comp Claims: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


12.8% of workers’ comp claims are denied or unresolved pending investigation.

Yet, despite knowing this, many people aren’t careful when filing workers’ comp claims. And when their claims get denied, they cry foul. They argue that the insurers have rigged the system to deny claims and maximize their profits.

Yet, this isn’t the case, and as a savvy person, you should learn the errors that lead to claims being denied.

To help you out, here are common mistakes with filing workers’ comp claims and how to avoid them.

Filing the Claim Past the Deadline

Most people assume that there is unlimited time for filing a workers’ compensation claim, so why rush? They argue you should focus first on receiving treatment and getting better. They support this argument by saying it’s easier to calculate damages after receiving medical care.

Yet, this is a fatal mistake, as all states have a specified claim filing deadline. So, you’ll not receive any compensation when you file the claim past the deadline. That’s why you should take time to find out more about this deadline.

Besides, if you’re late to file the workers’ compensation claim, find out if there are exemptions. You want to know the specific situations when the law allows you to file a claim past the deadline.

Skipping Legal Help

Both the employer and the injured employee may feel like there is no need to involve the workers’ comp lawyers. They argue that the claim process is simple, and anyone can handle it. The problem is that these people settle for less money and cry foul later.

To avoid this mistake, find out more about the roles of a workers’ compensation attorney. You want to know when it’s crucial to involve this lawyer. Also, you’re seeking insights on how this attorney will help you fight for a fair settlement.

Finally, seek tips to help you choose the best workers’ comp lawyers. You want attorneys who you can trust to offer you the best legal counsel.

Search for attorneys who genuinely care about you as their client and offer reliable legal services.

Downplaying Injuries

Some employees fear reporting workplace injuries, and that’s why they downplay them. Some of them even refuse to see a doctor and keep on working despite being injured. The problem is that some injuries are impossible to hide, and eventually, they must report them.

Some insurers use the lateness in reporting workplace injuries as an excuse to deny claims. After all, the employee worsens their condition working when injured. To avoid this mistake as an employer, educate your employees on why they should always report injuries on time.

As an employee, understand that it’s your right to file for compensation for any work-related injuries you suffer. So, exercise this right any time you’re injured by reporting the injury quickly and seeking treatment.

Assuming You’re Not Eligible for Workers’ Compensation

Most people believe the myth that the claim filing process is complex and only a few victims are compensated. And that’s why these people are quick to conclude they aren’t eligible for workers’ compensation. These victims argue why bother filing the workers’ comp claim when they know they don’t qualify?

Besides, even those who file the claim deep down feel they’ll not receive any compensation. And that’s why they don’t bother to fill the claim forms and provide the right documentation.

To avoid this mistake, seek the right workers’ comp claim information. You want to know the eligibility requirements for a workers’ comp claim.

Learn more about what workers’ comp insurance covers and the eligibility requirements. You want to know what this insurance pays for and how to calculate damages.

Getting Medical Care from Unauthorized Doctors

Many employees assume that it doesn’t matter the doctor they see after suffering workplace injuries. They argue you should only ensure that the doctor is licensed. Yet, choosing a random doctor in some instances can hurt your workers’ compensation claim.

The reason is that some insurers have a list of doctors who their clients should see for workplace-related injuries. Only these doctors are mandated to generate an injury assessment report for claim purposes. So, double-check that the doctor you see for workplace injuries is authorized.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t seek a second opinion of another doctor if you’re unsatisfied. The only thing is to ensure you get an assessment report from the authorized doctor. Understand that following the set treatment guidelines increases the odds of receiving fair compensation.

Failing to Follow-Up With a Doctor

What do you do if you start feeling pain again months after seeking treatment for workplace-related injuries? Most employees will do nothing and hope the pain will go away on its own. They feel that they can’t keep reporting the same injuries, as they already filed a claim.

However, this is a mistake, and if you do nothing, you may suffer serious health issues. That’s why it’s wise to follow up with a doctor if the pain comes back. The idea is to receive immediate medical attention to help you overcome the problem.

Besides, reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney to help you know how to handle this situation.

Simplify Filing Workers’ Comp Claims by Avoiding Common Mistakes

To increase the odds of receiving the compensation, you need to avoid the above mistakes when filing workers’ comp claims. So, don’t wait too long to file this claim, as there is a deadline. Besides, know when it’s best to involve the top workers’ comp lawyers.

Also, ensure you seek treatment from authorized doctors. The idea is to get an injury assessment report that you’ll use when filing the claim.

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