Should You Hire a Traffic Violation Lawyer?


Around 41 million speeding tickets are issued in the U.S. each year as shared by Geico’s Mature Driving Training system.

When was the last time you sped right past a cop and into hefty fines?

Knowing that a ticket is issued almost every second, we can imagine that you may be amongst those facing legal costs. But the commonality of tickets means there is a traffic violation lawyer always at the ready to fight for your case. Representing yourself in court isn’t the only way to fight against a ticket, and we’re here to share why hiring a lawyer may be best for the situation.

Read on to find out the why and when to hire a traffic violation lawyer.

Local and Legal Knowledge

Hiring a lawyer for a traffic violation often leads to better results because of the knowledge they bring. Lawyers specializing in traffic law know how to fight for you and the small nuances of your case. You fighting for yourself without this knowledge may miss key details that lawyers can use to your benefit.

There is a chance that a traffic violation lawyer knows the judge or police officer who originally fined you with the Class-C misdemeanor, explained in detail on These individuals in the system overlap, giving a lawyer insider info into negotiation best practices.

A local traffic violation lawyer also knows the area where you received a ticket and can better defend your driving behavior.

Special Circumstances for Traffic Tickets

Hiring a traffic violation lawyer to fight for your case when all you’re faced with is traffic school seems unnecessary. Yet, there are two special cases where a lawyer would be crucial for your driving future:

  • Multiple tickets in a condensed timeframe
  • Tickets to commercial drivers

These two scenarios have more on the line as both could lead to license suspension or revocation. Commercial drivers have more traffic laws to obey, and a lawyer knows how best to fight to represent a professional client. Further, someone with multiple tickets appears more prepared when having a lawyer on the case.

Saving Money by Hiring a Traffic Violation Lawyer

Many people think of expensive legal fees anytime the word “lawyer” is introduced into the conversation. Though all legal support comes at a fee, you may save money by hiring a traffic violation lawyer to fight for you in court. These lawyers offer reasonable rates as there is less legal battle needed when it comes to traffic tickets.

Without a lawyer, you pay legal fees and driver record costs anyway. Putting that money into a lawyer who can win your case may save you the cost of the full ticket plus court procedures.

Get Traffic Ticket Support When Needed

With knowledge of traffic law and legal negotiations, a traffic violation lawyer can save you time, money, and frustration. Hiring a lawyer is the difference between fighting against a ticket or losing a legal battle.

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