The Brief and Only Law Firm Marketing Checklist You’ll Ever Need

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Whether you’re a brand new attorney looking to make a name for yourself or an experienced legal professional ready to branch off on your own, running a successful law firm won’t be easy. Regardless of your legal expertise, you’ll need a solid marketing plan if you want to attract clients to your practice.

However, it’s unlikely that your legal education and training included marketing and advertising. So how do you bring in new clients and make your law firm more successful?

We’re here to help you answer this question. Keep reading for a quick law firm marketing checklist designed to set you up for success.

Perfect Your Website

First, it’s important to understand that the modern citizen will go directly to the internet the second they run across a problem in their life. If they’re facing criminal charges, being sue, or looking to sue, they’ll check with Google for advice on how to move forward.

As such, you need to develop a user-friendly website for your new legal practice designed to help people find answers. Consequently, your site will also plant a seed to generate leads.

To accomplish all of this, create a blog for your site and fill it with relevant, engaging, and helpful articles. Additionally, ensure your site is optimized for mobile devices since 85% of Americans use smartphones.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Having an amazing site is essential. However, it’s equally important that people in your area are being driven to your site. Search engine optimization will help you increase your online visibility.

You can improve your search rankings by:

  • Using relevant and localized keywords
  • Registering your site with Google My Business
  • Using internal and external links
  • Getting backlinks from credible websites
  • Filling your blog with relevant content
  • And more

Search engine visibility is a staple of your law firm marketing strategy. Without it, people won’t know your practice exists.

We recommend working with an SEO/PPC agency that can help you gain immediate exposure. Check out Digital Logic’s law firm PPC to learn more.

Develop a Social Media Presence

The best law firm marketing tips note the importance of social media. Most people have at least one social media account that they check daily. Naturally, these apps have revolutionized the marketing industry.

What better place to define your new legal practice, promote your services, and communicate with potential clients? You can double your marketing efforts by using paid ads. You can choose which demographics of users see your ads and gain valuable feedback regarding ad performance.

Offer Free Consultations

Offering free case evaluations is one of the most simplified and innovating marketing strategies for lawyers. This law firm marketing technique allows you to get your foot in the door with potential clients. All it will cost you is your time.

Yes, you’ll come into contact with unviable cases. However, offering your consulting services to people in the community will help you build the credibility and rapport necessary to secure new clients.

Need Help With Your Law Firm Marketing?

If you’re having trouble locking in new clients, we hope this guide helps you turn things around. Remember, most marketing strategies take time to work. Don’t give up on a tactic without giving it adequate time to show its efficacy.

And if you’re looking for more marketing tips, look no further. Our blog is full of content created to help small business owners like you increase sales and grow their businesses.