The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing a Car Accident Attorney Simple

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Car accidents happen every day to hundreds of people.

But most people are not aware of the severe implications an accident can have on their lives. Between insurance companies, other drivers, liability claims, and personal injury, you could end up missing out on compensations or, worse, paying thousands of dollars in fees.

That is why it is so important to have a car accident attorney.

A car accident attorney gives you representation for all your accident issues that occur and knows when and how laws apply to get you the best possible outcome.

Unfortunately, not all attorneys are created equal. Finding the right representation can be simple if you know how to look.

If you require car accident help, read this guide on finding and choosing a car accident attorney easily.

Why Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney?

If you had a car accident, there are many reasons why your first step should be contacting an attorney. Here are a few circumstances that warrant one:


If you’ve been injured in the accident, you’re going to need medical care, whether in that moment or over the span of a couple of years. This could complicate other things like your employment and daily lifestyle. The person at fault should be responsible for paying your medical bills and cover the costs of everything your health compromised as a result.

In some circumstances, others may try to hold you at fault. Without legal guidance, their insurances and even the accusers themselves can seek legal action against you.

False Police Reports

Law enforcement is indirect and sometimes direct witnesses to the accident and is the first on the scene to get statements and testimonials.

There are instances where information on a report can be miswritten, which puts you at a liability to be falsely accused.

Uncooperative Insurance Company

Car insurance companies are there to give you the coverage you need if an accident like this occurs. But sometimes, after an accident, insurance companies will refuse to cover any car or property coverage or may wrongfully increase rates.

If that occurs, you could be left to pay out of pocket for all damage repairs.

If any of these scenarios sound remotely similar, continue reading to learn what exactly an attorney can do to combat these situations.

How Can an Attorney Help You?

Though not required, it’s highly recommended to get an attorney to help with filing your case from the very beginning. An experienced car accident attorney will have examples of cases won and can help you receive the highest amount of compensation for yours as well.

An attorney can file the case on your behalf and make sure all information follows local guidelines. Their expertise on injury and car accident law provides them with the information required to strategize accordingly.

They know exactly what route to take to get the evidence needed that supports your claim and negates all inaccurate information that could occur on a police report.

Attorneys also deal directly with all insurances involved, yours and the other parties in the claims as well. This will make it less likely for insurance companies to try to manipulate laws and regulations.

If you have an attorney, you have an increased chance of having all damages covered at no cost.

How to Choose the Right Accident Attorney

It is important to choose the right accident attorney to represent you and your wellbeing. It can seem like a daunting task, but there are signs to look out for that allow you to filter out the ones that don’t have your best interest in mind.

One sign is if the attorney makes grand guarantees of quick payouts. If they ensure a settlement within less than 30 days, they may not be telling the truth. Timelines can vary with every unique case, so you cannot be offered one without all the information.

Attorneys that state they have 200 years of experience are not the best candidates for representation. Pooling experience with other attorneys in a firm can be good when working today, but a sole attorney in the pack can have as little as one month in that whole pool of experience.

Doing your research will eliminate a good fraction of attorneys. Good qualities attorneys worth hiring will have those that help the community.

Do they actively speak out on driver safety checklist information? How many years do they have handled a personal injury lawsuit? What level of expertise do they have in the automotive industry?

These questions will help you select the attorney you know is an expert in the legal injury niche.

How Much Does a Good Attorney Charge?

Fees for an attorney can vary depending on several factors. The biggest aspect is the time they spend representing clients.

Some attorneys prefer an hourly rate and are paid every hour they spend on your case. This is a rate that does not change regardless of the end outcome of the case.

Most attorneys in the car accident law, however, charge based on a contingency rate. That means that before working on your case, you sign an agreement that you pay a fee based on the case settlement and the amount awarded to you.

This is good for those that cannot pay upfront until the claims are awarded and put all the risk on the attorney’s part.

The contingency fee may vary on the agreement signed.

Get Representation Today

A car accident attorney can be the defining factor that makes or breaks your settlement claim. By following these steps, you’ll be immune to frauds that claim to be the perfect attorney for you and select real representation to make sure your claim is heard.

Get started on your claim today.

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