What Kind of Attorney do I Need for Wrongful Death?


The death of a loved one is brutal on everyone, from the individual’s family to their loved ones. But, what hurts the most is when you realize that your loved one’s death was due to another person’s negligence. The law allows you to file a wrongful death suit on behalf of your loved one in such circumstances.

But for you to successfully file that suit, you will need to have a wrongful death lawyer in Sarasota FL. So, here’s everything you need to know about when finding the right lawyer for your suit.

What Kind of Attorney Should you Hire?

First things first, any attorney can handle your wrongful death suit. But, while any lawyer practicing law in your state can file your lawsuit, it’s always wise to go for an attorney that has specialized in handling wrongful death claims, and here’s why:

Law is vast, and it encompasses everything from real estate, murder, civil liability to forgery. And while almost all lawyers have a foundation on most legal topics, every court case changes. These changes make lawyers who specialize in other legal cases challenging to navigate a wrongful death case.

A wrongful death lawyer is an expert in the wrongful death niche. They are up-to-date with everything that is needed for such types of cases. They also have a detailed understanding and background of the legal requirement in wrongful death cases than those who practice general law.

A wrongful death attorney also has a clear understanding of how to figure out your compensation based on the details of your case. They know how to identify the four elements that make up a wrongful death claim.

Therefore, you get the most out of their expertise by working with a specialist in wrongful death claims.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

When looking for the right attorney to handle your wrongful death claim, there is so much to consider. And Googling won’t do the trick. Here are several factors you can use to decide on the attorney to hire for your case.

Look at the Background

It’s always an excellent idea to perform comprehensive research into any lawyer’s background before you can consider hiring them. Start by meeting them for a free consult. And during your first visit, make sure you ask plenty of questions; this will help make your decision much easier. Some questions you can ask include:

  • How many years has your law firm been handling wrongful death claims?
  • What is your track record of settlements and verdicts
  • How many wrongful death claims does the firm represent annually?
  • How many claims have you helped settle?


The attorney you hire for your wrongful death claim must have experience and skills handling wrongful death claims. As mentioned earlier, there are several aspects of wrongful death cases that a general lawyer may not know about. Also, you are most likely to have better chances when working with a wrongful death expert than a generalist.


Not all lawyers are compassionate about the situation their clients are going through. For them, their clients are simply a way of making money. But, if you want a lawyer who will go out of their way to help you with your claim, go for one with compassion.

One of the best qualities any wrongful death lawyer should have is compassion. You are still reeling from the loss of your loved one, so you need to work with someone who understands your grief. Your lawyer should also understand your grief.

Communication Skills

The basis of any claim or case is always communication, as it isn’t easy to understand the protocols involved in a case. A wrongful death lawyer with excellent communication skills will break down everything for you in a way you can understand.

It will also become relatively easy for you and your attorney to communicate throughout every step of the case. You will also get continuous updates on your case and how to proceed.


Go for an attorney that makes you feel comfortable working with them. Also, ensure that the lawyer you hire is easy to reach, as you wouldn’t want your phone going unanswered whenever you want answers or updates.

It’s important to note that wrongful death cases take time. But by working with a lawyer who understands wrongful death claims, you get to have the best probable outcome. You also get legal advice every step of the way.