What You Need to Do Following an Injury on the Job


Did you know that last year, there were more than 2.6 million workplace injuries in the United States that were nonfatal?

Workplace injuries occur all of the time and although some of them are due to misuse of machinery, many of them are unexpected.

If you have recently gotten injured at work and don’t know what to do, there are a couple of steps to follow.

Continue reading to discover what you need to do if you suffered from an injury on the job and where to find help!

Inform Management

The first step to handling an injury on the job is to report it to management or a supervisor that is working.

Informing management will likely lead to an injury report being made. The sooner that you can get an injury report made, the better. These injury reports are used for insurance and accountability purposes.

Try to think about all of the details involving your injury. You will need to note the time of day, what happened, and who was around you.

Get Medical Care

Immediately after you suffer from a workplace injury, you will want to seek medical care.

Most businesses will send you to specific urgent care or hospital, depending on if they have a contract with them. You can also visit your personal doctor for help and get a note that states that the injury occurred at work.

Seeking medical care quickly is important because even if you feel okay, you might have an issue that is difficult to notice. Internal bleeding, concussions, and whiplash are common injuries that will need medical attention.

File an Injury Claim

Once you suffer an injury and get medical attention, you will need to file a claim with the Worker’s Compensation Agency.

The Worker’s Compensation Agency will be able to help you with disability payments if you qualify. The employer will file this claim with help from you. When you file the injury claim at work, much of this information is sent to the agency.

Get an Attorney

Dealing with a work injury can be an overwhelming process, especially if you aren’t feeling well.

Getting help from an attorney can make a big difference in saving you time and patience when dealing with your injury.

A disability lawyer┬ácan help make sure that you receive the medical and time-off assistance for recovery. They have experience with workplace injuries and will be able to guide you through the process. This way, you don’t need to worry about it while focusing on recovery.

Learn How to Handle Every Injury on the Job

No matter what type of injury on the job you are suffering from, there is a simple process to follow.

Following these steps will help ensure that your medical needs are addressed and that you will still have your job. Depending on the type of injury, you might need the rest of the day off, or you could be out for an extended time.

An attorney will be able to help ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve along with the time off to recover.

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