When Should You Hire an Immigration Attorney?


The American dream. It is something that immigrants that come to the US seek, and one that is not as easy to get as some might expect.

At the beginning of 2021, there was a 1.3 million case backlog in immigration courts.

The immigration process is not always easy, and you may not know everything that comes along with it.

That is where an immigration attorney can help you. Here are some situations in which you should seek an immigration lawyer.

Green Card

Getting a green card is one of the first steps that you can take towards US citizenship. But, this is something that you want to do right because doing it wrong can set you back years in the process and have potentially even worse consequences.

You will not always need a lawyer for this but for more complicated cases it may be good to have one.

Marriage Abroad

People who get married or even just meet someone abroad may want to bring their new spouse back to the United States to live with them. However, it is not this simple, and you will need an immigration attorney for this regardless of if you get married on US soil or overseas.

This can be a lengthy process, with it taking at minimum several months and even over a year in some cases. An attorney can give you an accurate timeline, tell you how strong your case is, and what you will need to show the US government.


Some people may be desperate to escape the situations in their home countries. In certain cases, those people may be eligible for asylum.

An immigration lawyer is someone who would have the most knowledge for people in situations like this, and this is what to look for if you find yourself in that position.

Keep in mind, this is usually for political reasons or there is a very clear threat on somebody’s life. Either way, there are no guarantees with this process, so you need to speak to an attorney.

Family Abroad

This is related to finding a spouse abroad because sometimes, that spouse may want to bring some members of their family over. In this case, you need to seek an immigration lawyer especially for certain members of your family.

For example, parents and children of a US citizen can get a green card a lot faster than an adult sibling of somebody with that citizenship. An immigration lawyer is the best person to explain each of these different situations, and they can tell you what certain members of your family may need to present and what chances they have of getting approved.

Hire an Immigration Attorney

Do you find yourself or someone you know in any of the situations above? If so, you should hire an immigration attorney immediately to get the right guidance and legal counsel for your specific situation.

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