Your Legal Guide to Different Types of Cyber Crimes


Last year, more than 40% of people in a survey from the US reported that they experienced online harassment.

The internet is a fantastic resource for information and tips, however, it is increasingly becoming a dangerous tool.

If you want to protect yourself against internet crimes, you need to know which ones are the most common.

Continue reading to discover the most major cyber crimes that the country is currently dealing with!

Identity Theft

One of the most common cyber crimes people suffer from is identity theft.

By accessing your information, people can pretend to be you and assume your identity online. This can help them access your banking details and make transactions. Medical and child identity theft is also common, but not as likely to occur.

Reducing your paper trail and safely shredding documents with information can help protect you. For example, never let your social security number or password be recognizable.

Online Scams

Many people think that can recognize online scams but the hackers are getting better at tricking everyone.

Scammers use false information or withhold information to try and get access to your funds. Some of these scams can look like online closing companies or fake malware protection ads.

Sharing your banking, family, or property information with these people can put you at risk. If you want to hire a defense lawyer, you should click for more information. Internet law is upheld in court and they could help get you compensation for what you’ve experienced.


Since the internet is such an easy cover to hide behind, many use it as a platform to harass others.

Harassment can come in a variety of forms, but ultimately, the victims suffer long-term. Online bullying has been a large issue for school-aged children, and it has even become a deadly problem.

By reporting harassment and ignoring the fight, you are less likely to experience it. Cyberstalking is another type of harassment to be aware of. If someone won’t leave you alone and is going out of their way to contact you, there might be ways to protect yourself legally.


Have you ever gotten an email or pop-up notifications claiming you won a bunch of money?

Often, these exciting ads will tell you to click on a link to take the next steps towards getting your money. This typically sounds too good to be true because it is. The links that people select ask for banking and personal information to accept the reward.

These scams are called phishing, and they can also occur through text messages and videos. Spam filters and settings can help you keep these scams under control.

Clicking Cyber Crimes Away

Learning about the types of cyber crimes that people experience can help you avoid them.

The next time you go to click on an ad that seems too good to be true, you’ll probably think again. Scammers use false and incomplete information to trick vulnerable people, which is why you need to click with care.

Don’t be afraid to contact a lawyer if you’ve lost money, an inheritance, or property to scammers.

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