5 Things to Consider When Getting Home Dumpster Rentals


Each year, the world produces 2.3 billion tons of municipal solid waste, enough to fill 822,000 Olympic-sized stadiums.

You’ve finally moved to a new home, and you have to find reliable home dumpster rentals for your waste management needs. Without a proper framework to guide you, choosing the right dumpster can be mentally draining. That should no longer be the case if you have an idea of what to look for.

Lucky for you, this article will divulge five factors you need to consider when getting home dumpster rentals.

1. Type of Dumpster

The first factor you ought to consider when getting a dumpster rental is the type of container. Four well-known types of dumpsters exist today. Below are the different types of dumpsters you have to choose from;

Front Load Dumpster

This is a dumpster that’s slightly inclined at the front to make it easy to drop trash in. They have slots on the sides to allow a truck to attach and lift the dumpster to empty the trash.

Rear Load Dumpster

The rear load dumpster slants at the back, and it has extending poles to facilitate its lifting. A hinge and winch system is used to empty the contents of the bin in a truck.

Roll-Off Dumpster

It’s rectangular and can be as long as 40 yards. The dumpster requires a special roll-off track to facilitate its transportation. It’s used for construction waste and demolition debris.

Specialty Dumpster

Its size ranges between ten to fifteen yards and has wheels to facilitate its transportation by dragging using a truck. Ideal for home projects, especially in areas with bad roads.

Work with your rental company to know the type of dumpster that’s ideal for your residential waste. Each type of dumpster is preferred for a particular purpose.

2. Dumpster Size

Another thing you have to consider when looking for a dumpster is the size of the container. The size you choose is directly proportional to the amount of waste you generate in your home. The dumpsters come in different sizes, giving you the option of choosing one that fits all the waste produced in your home.

The Dumpster services provider you choose should also have different sizes of dumpsters that you can choose from. Consult extensively to know the size of dumpster you need to avoid paying for a bigger one and not use it fully.

More so, do you have enough space in your front yard or back yard to accommodate the size of the dumpster you want? Many people tend to overlook this, ending up with a big dumpster on the front yard leaving no room for parking space. Discount Dumpster Rental will guide you in ensuring you get the right size.

3. Location

Another thing you have to consider is where you want the residential dumpster to get placed. Imagine a scenario where your house is amid obstructions such as hanging power lines. That will make the work of the rental company difficult when delivering and coming to pick up their dumpster.

The place you want the dumpster to be placed should have at least 15 feet of free space above the rental dumpster. That way, you won’t incur extra costs due to a complicated delivery that might cost the company time and money. You also don’t want the dumpster to be placed somewhere far from where the debris you intend to dispose of is.

Try to find a balance between an ideal location that won’t be difficult to set up the dumpster and somewhere close to your debris. There should be enough space on your front yard and street for the rental dumpster driver to maneuver and make all kinds of turns.

4. Type of Waste

Another essential consideration you need to factor in is the type of waste you intend to get rid of. Do you have a small construction project in your home, or do you want a dumpster to dispose of your regular house waste? Is the type of waste produced in your house hazardous?

Most companies have a policy that you can’t combine different types of material when dumping. If the dumpster is for construction materials, you can’t start disposing regular house waste on the container.

Consult with the rental dumpster company to get advice on the ideal container for your type of waste. Remember, it’s against federal law to dispose of hazardous waste materials. They include flammable liquids, chemical substances, and radioactive materials.

Liaise with the dumpster company to know if they provide special containers for dumping such hazardous waste or how you should go about it.

5. Equipment Used

For you to get quality trash removal services, you have to consider the tools the residential dumpster rental company is using. The company should have the right tools required to facilitate the moving of any kind of dumpster, no matter the size. This equipment helps the company to deliver and pick the dumpster without damaging the surroundings.

Simplify Choosing Home Dumpster Rentals by Learning the Key Things to Check

Selecting the right dumpster for waste management has been a daunting task for most homeowners. Use the above factors to guide you when choosing the ideal home dumpster rentals for your needs. Consider hiring a dumpster rental company within your local area to get timely services and at a cheaper rate.

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