A Quick History About the Different Types of Gold


Did you know that about 12 percent of the population of the United States owns some type of gold? The most common form of gold is gold jewelry, but you can also purchase gold by the block or the pound if you want to seriously invest in the material.

Have you ever thought about all of the types of gold and their history? Here is a brief guide to gold production and how to invest in gold.

How is Gold Made?

Real gold can only be produced within the earth through natural processes. Although gold was originally located within the deeper parts of the planet, such as the core, asteroid events forced it to move to more accessible areas.

You can find gold as nuggets or flakes in all types of rocks and ore. Currently, the estimated amount of gold in the world is about 200 thousand tons total that has been mined and extracted.

Although scientists have succeeded in synthesizing gold, the process is expensive and consumes large amounts of energy. Therefore, gold is still considered as only a natural source, which means the value always increases. Read this post for more information on the value of gold and how to invest in gold.

White Gold

White gold is a popular material choice for jewelry because it looks similar to silver. It is a more durable option because the material is strengthened with other materials like nickel and silver.

Although this type of gold looks like silver, it is more valuable because of the material. White gold is a more neutral color and can go with more types of jewelry and clothing options.

Rose Gold

Rose gold rose to popularity over the past couple of decades as a fun and new gold color. To give it a unique dusty pink hue, it has a large amount of copper within the material.

Unlike white and yellow gold, rose gold naturally has a lower carat amount. The copper needed to change the color of the gold makes the rose gold less pure than other types.

Yellow Gold

When you think of gold, you most likely envision classic yellow gold. This is gold in its purest form, which can make it very valuable.

For gold production that goes in jewelry, the yellow gold mixes with copper and zinc. When you buy yellow gold, you should observe the carat amount. The higher the carat amount, the more natural gold is within the jewelry.

Three Main Types of Gold

Whether you are a gold novice or a serious buyer, you should know all about the types of gold before you make a purchase. With this guide, you can find the right gold, whether it be white, yellow, or rose gold.

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