Home Selling Process: The Basics Explained

house model on euro cash stack closeup

Through good times and bad, your home has been a safe haven for you and those you love most, but now it’s time to move on to the next adventure. Before you can do that, however, you have to sell your house.

Upon first glance, the home selling process can appear overwhelming. And while there is a lot to get done, with a little organization, you can conquer it all without difficulty.

Read on to learn what to expect when selling a home, as well as a few home selling tips to make the journey smoother.

Choose a Listing Agent

Can you sell your home without a real estate agent? Yes. Should you? Probably not.

Because while you’re no doubt more than capable of the task, there’s a reason that 89% of homeowners use a realtor when selling their home.

A real estate agent comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience that can make the process far easier. Not to mention, they’ll shoulder the majority of the responsibility. You already have a lot to do – no need to add more!

Pick a Listing Price

This is where it’s important to have a real estate agent that you trust. They know how to sell a house fast, and can determine a price that will please both you and potential buyers at the same time.

That said, you’ll always have the final say. If your realtor approaches you with a price that you feel is too low (or too high), don’t be afraid to discuss it.

Get Your Home Show-Ready

If you want to know how to sell a home quickly, this is the secret: make buyers fall in love at first sight. To do this, your home needs to be as inviting and immaculate as possible.

Those living in their home during the selling process can use their own furniture, just declutter your home and style it neatly. A good rule of thumb is to remove around two-thirds of your belongings before listing photos are taken and showings are given.

If you’ve already moved out, it’s a good idea to gather some home staging quotes. Yes, it adds to your overall costs, but it can make a huge difference in the speed of sale and the final price tag of your home.

Prepare for Closing

Once you have a serious buyer, it’s time for closing. This can feel nerve-wracking, but in reality, it’s much more intense for the buyer than the seller.

Your agent and the attorney overseeing the closing will walk you through everything. All you have to do is sign a few documents to transfer ownership and accept the money from the sale!

Get Familiar With the Home Selling Process to Minimize Stress

Throughout the process of selling a house, bumps in the road are a guarantee. However, you shouldn’t be so stressed that you aren’t able to enjoy the experience at all.

By familiarizing yourself with the home selling process before you begin, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect and thus be better equipped to handle it.

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