How to Get Free Stuff Online


About 40% of American households reported serious financial issues during the second half of 2021. Those worries continued well into 2022 as the majority of basic expenses increased.

It’s harder to make ends meet without a pay increase.

You can give yourself a boost by knowing how to get free stuff online. Companies give away thousands of dollars worth of products every day.

It’s possible to be on the receiving end of these deals. You just have to know where to go to sign up and get started.

You happen to be in the perfect place to learn where to get freebies online. Read on to discover where to go.

Visit the Library Online

Your local library is a great resource for free stuff. Did you know that you can stream movies with your library card? Libraries partner with companies like Kanopy to let library card holders stream independent films.

There are more free entertainment options, such as audiobooks. You may be able to learn a language for free with Mango.

Not every library system is going to have the same offerings. Check with your local library to see what’s available. You might have a wealth of freebies that you weren’t even aware of.

Surveys and Games

If you have a few minutes to spare every day, you can earn free stuff online. Swagbucks is one of the most popular sites to get free stuff online.

You can earn prizes and points for taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games. Swagbucks also offers gift cards to Amazon and a number of other retailers.

The Harris Poll is well-known for research into consumer and voter opinions and behaviors. You can take their surveys and earn points for gift cards or sweepstake entries.

InboxDollars is another site similar to Swagbucks. You perform an activity like watching a video or taking a survey. You’ll get paid when you earn $30.

It’s redeemable for cash sent to your PayPal account or for a gift card.

Get Free Samples

What do you do if you don’t feel like sitting through surveys or games to get free stuff online? Don’t worry, you have options available.

There are sites that offer free samples just for signing up for an account. PINCHme is one such site. You sign up for an account and claim your free samples when they get released each Tuesday.

Try the products and share your feedback. It’s a simple way to get free stuff online without doing much work.

TrySpree is a sample site, but they work a little differently. They don’t partner with brands. They do the hard research for you to find freebies and samples on the web.

Birthday Freebies

Why do companies give away so much? They know that it costs a lot of money to replace customers. If they can keep their customers, they’ll be much more profitable.

Consumers like to be valued and appreciated. If brands show that they care about their customers, then that improves customer loyalty.

What better way to show a customer that they’re valued than celebrating their birthday. Red Robin, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, and Cold Stone Creamery are just a few programs that offer birthday freebies.

Visit Online Marketplaces

One of the overlooked places for getting free stuff is an online marketplace. Facebook and Craigslist have thousands of listings from people selling things.

Mixed in the paid listings are free things. Use the search filter to look for free things and claim them.

Test Websites and Apps

This is more of a paid gig, but you can open the doors to earning a good amount of money in a short amount of time. You can earn $10 within a few minutes just by testing the usability of a website or an app.

Companies pay big bucks for this service because they know that the design and usability of the website lead to sales.

Check out sites like User Testing, Enroll and Utest for more information about getting paid for testing sites and apps.

Earn Freebies While Gambling

If you’re a gambling type, you know that casinos love to earn your loyalty with free stuff. The same applies to the online world.

You just need to check the free bonuses before you sign up.

Casinos will give you free money in the form of a deposit match. In other words, deposit $100, and you get $100 in free money to play with.

You’ll get free spins and more bonuses while you’re playing.

This isn’t something to do if you’re looking for a free offer or to win money to pay the bills. That’s a recipe for disaster. Only do this if you plan to gamble for entertainment purposes only.

Loyalty Programs

You can joke about the 10-page receipts that you get from CVS. The truth is that there’s value to what you get in those receipts. If you’re a CVS rewards member, you can get free items and discounts.

There are dozens of other great loyalty reward programs out there. The good news is that these programs apply to online purchases as well as in-store.

Disney has a rewards program that lets you earn free merchandise (clothes, toys, home goods, movies) when you purchase Disney content. Look for the Disney Movie Insiders app and sign up.

How to Get Free Stuff Online

Did you know that there were this many ways to get free stuff online? As you can see, getting free stuff is as simple as signing up for an account.

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