Real Estate Photographer Near Me: Questions to Ask Before Hiring One


If one thing is becoming abundantly clear, it’s that the record-breaking boom times for US real estate are coming to an end. Experts are confident that homes will remain on the market for longer in 2022, as demand cools down and cautious buyers wait for an overheated market to correct itself.

That’s why sellers will need to go the extra mile to sell their homes quickly and for the best possible price in the coming year. For this, you might be looking for a real estate photographer near me.

A qualified real estate photographer can give you the best results by marketing your home on your behalf, using excellent images that will highlight why your home is worth buying. Check out our two-minute real estate photographer hiring guide to find out how to find the right pro for the job.

1. Do Your Photographer Have the Human Touch?

This is one of the most important real estate photographer tips that is often overlooked. It is not enough to have a photographer that only offers cold, sleek, professional photos. You need someone that has a human touch and who can take emotive photos that allow the viewer to actually envision themselves living there.

This is not a skill that many photographers have, which is why you should look for professionals that explicitly say that they focus on this goal. For example, these photography services in Houston make it very clear that they bring the human touch to real estate photography, and that this is crucial for a quick sale.

2. Are Their Prices Competitive for a Real Estate Photographer Near Me?

A top real estate photographer will offer excellent service at competitive prices. This does not, however, mean that you should go for the cheapest option, as this will almost certainly lead to disappointment. Instead, you should shop around and see what the market rates are for various services. Once you have done this, you can quickly identify talented photographers that offer their services at a fair market rate.

3. What Types of Photos Do They Offer?

It is not enough to simply offer a standard set of photos of your home. In 2022, the best real estate photographer is one that can offer a variety of visual media to accompany your listing. Can they offer drone photographs and aerial shots of your property? What about nighttime photos of the home? Perhaps 3D virtual tours are what you are looking for? Always get a clear idea of what photography services you are actually paying for.

4. What Are Their Credentials?

Finally, don’t forget to ask what their qualifications are. This means checking to see if a photographer actually has formal credentials, such as a degree in the craft or a diploma from an accredited school. If not, a rock-solid portfolio is absolutely key, as this is the only way that you can know that you will get value for money.

How to Sell Your Home in 2022

Knowing how to find a real estate photographer near me is the first step towards selling your home quickly and for the best possible price. For real, expert advice on how to sell your home in 2022, you have come to the right place. Make sure to consult our dedicated Real Estate guides to learn more.