Southern Living: 5 Reasons to Move to Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina, USA downtown cityscape on the Reedy River at dusk.

Greenville, South Carolina was recently named one of the US’ top ‘on the rise’ destinations. With its exciting lifestyle, beautiful natural environments, and friendly culture, it’s no wonder that so many people are finding reasons to move to SC’s number 1 hidden gem.

But what are those reasons? If you’re considering selling up and moving somewhere new, what does Greenville, SC have to offer you and your family? What are the best reasons to move to South Carolina?

Brilliant questions, and we’re happy to answer them! Keep on reading for our top 5 reasons to move to Greenville, South Carolina.

1. The Weather

When you think of the American south, you probably think of hot weather, dusty roads, and more sun exposure than could possibly be healthy.

Well, that’s not really the case in Greenville. In reality, it’s pretty mild. It’s never freezing cold and it’s never swelteringly hot. Just nice and temperate the whole year round. Not bad, huh?

2. A City With a Future

Greenville is one of America’s main ‘up and coming’ cities. As more and more people move down to SC, they bring with them all sorts off skills and businesses, which attracts more people, and so on! That means Greenville’s culture and economy are in a virtuous circle of growth that could see the humble city become one of America’s hottest locations before too long.

3. Affordability, Affordability, Affordability!

Even though it grows bigger every day, Greenville is still pretty humble in terms of its cost of living. Whether it’s the gas taxes or the property prices (seriously, check out Jeff Cook real estate for some seriously eye-opening prices on impressive homes), living in Greenville isn’t bound to bankrupt you the same way a city like New York or San Francisco will.

In Greenville, you don’t have to choose between ‘cheap and boring’ or ‘expensive and fun’! That’s a great reason to move to Greenville if we ever heard one.

4. The Food

Greenville has a thriving culinary scene, and you can get anything from delicious southern fare to experimental modern ‘food science’. Whatever your palate, Greenville will never stop surprising it with a range of diverse dishes made from local produce.

5. The People

Let’s be honest, this is really the most important reason to move anywhere. Greenville is a beacon of southern hospitality, populated by some super friendly people who will be more than happy to help yous settle in and put down roots in your new home. It’s almost impossible to be lonely in Greenville!

The Reasons to Move to Greenville Don’t Stop

And there you go, just a few of the many, many reasons to move to Greenville, South Carolina. Whether you’re looking for good weather, great food, or awesome people, Greenville has something to offer you. After all, it’s not one of the foremost up-and-coming American cities for nothing!

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